PlayStation 3 Project Preview: PS3-Wii Media Portal in the Works!

276w ago - I'm currently working on a PS3-Wii Media Portal. I've been working on it for about 3 months now for approximately 2-3 hours a day.

At the moment I am integrating a flash MP3 Player for it. I will put it on a Googlecode page and add a download link when the beta comes out.. it will be ready for a beta in about a week if I can continue steady work on it.

The project is from Team PSI and I'm the main Dev working on it.. I used to have a Web site, but I closed it so am sharing the news here.

Hope to have it ready for beta release soon, below are some preview pics!

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#6 - PS3 News - 276w ago
Here is a link to cod4randall's sign-up thread for Team PSI for those who may have missed it:

cod4randall's Avatar
#5 - cod4randall - 276w ago
give me a shout, I can do a better web-design for it.

I could Use a set of buttons made in 350x120 for music photo video ebooks ect Games thanks that would help a lot

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#4 - tmaster - 276w ago
you could make it look like the wii menu.
also there are good flash games for ps3 at

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#3 - DestriAero - 276w ago
give me a shout, I can do a better web-design for it.

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#2 - SuperSaiyen - 276w ago
Could use a few more details though on it's use and design. Too bad you closed your original web page where you could have more info. Is this is a flash or java app that can run from an external drive? Thought i read some time ago those could run on native ps3 os... could be mistaken though.

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