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Open PS2 Loader v0.6 for PS3 with Source Code is Now Available

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261w ago - A few weeks ago Ifcaro released Open PS2 Loader v0.5 for PS3, and now the homebrew application for PS3 has been updated to Open PS2 Loader v0.6 complete with source code!

For those unaware, this utility allows for loading PS2 iSO images on PlayStation 3 consoles with PS2 support... meaning it must be a non-Slim PlayStation 3 model with (4) USB ports.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

PS3 Open PS2 Loader Changelog v0.6:

• Switched to whole new IOP core
• Changed some compatibility modes effect
• Added compatibility for DVD9 layer1
• Improved overall speed for both SMB/USB
• Support for more embedded NAS devices
• Support for multiple partitions

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#30 - aries2k6 - 258w ago
aries2k6's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bootlegninja View Post
Apparently, ifcaro and jimmikaelkael got SMB loading of PS2 games working on the PS3 as of revision 177.

Ya, I just read about that. awesome work.. now I just have to learn how to set that up because i'm a network idiot.

offtopic, I assuming this means other ps2 homebrew can also be made to work off of network. big step forward for ps2homebrew on the ps3.

I'm really glad Ifcaro picked up a ps2 compatible ps3. it was his debugging program that allowed Jimmikael to fix the problem.

#29 - bootlegninja - 258w ago
bootlegninja's Avatar
Apparently, ifcaro and jimmikaelkael got SMB loading of PS2 games working on the PS3 as of revision 177. you guys may want to check it out.

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#28 - tonix - 259w ago
tonix's Avatar
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 its not working on 0.6 but it's working on 0.5 is there any possibilities to work with 0.6 or ??tnx

Also GTA San Andreas its not working with 0.5 and even now with 0.6
NBA 2K10 also not working on both (o.5 and 0.6).Green Screen
BLACK also not working on 0.5 and 0.6..hmmmm!!

its true that have faster loading screen games on 0.6 for some games ..but have smaller compatibility games than 0.5
i'll keep posting new compatibilty game list.. stay tuned

those games that i have tryed its on PAL consoles and the GTA San Andreas its PAL. also... NBA 2k10 its NTSC, and BLACK its NTSC. i will try those same games on NTSC consoles and tell you guys again what is happening..

Winning Eleven 2010 its working great on 0.6.. but its was working allso on 0.5 but slower loading screen on 0.5 than 0.6..

Winning Eleven 7 also not working on 0.6 and was working on 0.5.. hmmm

and also when whe unplug an USB drive while its PS2 ON and to plug another USB Drive,the PS2 will not recognise on 0.6... that it was possible on 0.5 (i mean on game list screen)..meaning really the 0.6 its on some games faster loading... but hmmm dont like it... until it will be 0.7

#27 - AliAsghar1361 - 259w ago
AliAsghar1361's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Whyudie View Post
I think it's totally random. Sometimes the games boot fine, sometimes it won't. So you must reboot a couple times to make it works. Or maybe the games you use not compatible with this apps.

Today I try to boots GT4, but it won't boot. Just show a yellow screen. But three days ago I tried that game, it boots fine. With same mode I use (GT4/Mode 2 ON).

But for me any game can't run by open loader !! I try often every game.. only show me yellow page.

#26 - netpredakonn - 259w ago
netpredakonn's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
The PS3 Slim doesn't have PS2 support, so how can it work?

Either you have a very special PS3 Slim, or you are confused/mistaken perhaps.. if it works for you I would definitely post all your PS3 Slim's model info, make a video, etc.

Sorry, I misunderstood what blaze1283 said. I was thinking it was a PS2 slim he was talking about, not a PS3 slim.


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