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New PS3 Ships with More Efficient and Cheaper 40nm RSX GPU

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243w ago - Update: The new 40nm PS3 systems are now in the wild, as confirmed by SovietSlayer via [Register or Login to view links] at Fry's Electronics in Costa Mesa, CA.

In order to provide a more efficient and greener console, Sony is shipping new PS3 (CECH-2100A) entertainment systems which now include a cheaper 40nm (CXD5300AGB) RSX GPU that reduces energy output.

This reduction is down from the 90nm and more recently the 65nm RSX graphics processors and moves Sony one step closer to hardware profitability.

According to [Register or Login to view links] (translated by [Register or Login to view links] and confirmed by [Register or Login to view links]), the PlayStation 3's new improved RSX graphics chip also reduces the likelihood of the console being affected by the infamous PS3 YLOD (yellow light of death) while using 15 percent less power.

Finally, instead of using four 64mb XDR RAM chips it now utilizes two 128mb ones.

To quote: "Expect a 15% decrease in overall PS3 power consumption (vs the last PS3 Slim!) thanks to the upgrade, as well as a PS3 that's overall less likely to overheat.

And in case you cared about Sony's bottom line–and unless you hold stock, why would you–fewer, simplified cooling components coupled with the smaller GPU (that itself has less adjoining chips) mean that Sony may be in the black on each PS3 Slim that leaves Walmart or wherever cool kids shop these days."

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#4 - Starlight - 243w ago
Starlight's Avatar
Nice and hopefully it will last for a few years or more depending on usage and or any abuse..

#3 - PS3 News - 243w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Indeed... also, here are the other teardown pics from the first post attached.

#2 - Starlight - 243w ago
Starlight's Avatar
And most likely won't last as long then.. if they are making cheaper parts..

#1 - Chivafighter - 243w ago
Chivafighter's Avatar
The Energy Output is much less, but the Performance is the same right? Just cheaper for Sony to make, and also for us, less of a chance for it to overheat... i never had that issue but i guess the "Go Green" is going strong.


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