Limited Edition PlayStation Move Bumble Bee PS3 Console Spotted

210w ago - This weekend (linked above) has shared a pic and some videos from the Seattle Playstation Move Event, where Sony's Jeff Rubinstein raffled off an extremely limited edition Bumble Bee PS3 Slim console.

To quote: "Last night I attended the PlayStation Move event that was held in Seattle, WA. It was a great night filled with good food, mixed drinks, and of course some sweet giveaways.

I also messed around with the PlayStation Move, got a nice confirmation that there will be a Socom 4 Beta (thanks Jill Webber), and I also got a nice close look at the Playstation Move tech demo.

If you would like to take a look at last night’s festivities go ahead and check out the videos below."

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imtoodvs's Avatar
#1 - imtoodvs - 210w ago
wasn't there a site a while back that advertised doing custom color consoles, and it even had a computerized mock up of what the console would look like once finished?

i can't wait to try out the Move since i'm definitely gong to get EyePet when to drops, but i'm truly starting to develop a love/hate relationship with Sony. First they screw me over, then they go & do something sweet to make me come back. Wow, i feel like a scorned Girlfriend... lmao.

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