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Heavy Rain Includes Mandatory 4.2GB PS3 HDD Installation

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255w ago - A few weeks ago the Heavy Rain front boxart was released, and today [Register or Login to view links] has made available the back boxart which reveals a mandatory 4.2GB PS3 HDD installation.

For those curious, Sony has also confirmed that they will offer a Heavy Rain alternate PS3 box art print out on launch.

To quote from JustPushStart.com (linked above): "You might want to save an extra 4.2GB of space in your hard drive as the game will REQUIRE (as the game boxart suggests) you to install the game's data in order to proceed.

It sure is a lot of space but as you are waiting for the data to install in your hard drive, there will be a guide showing you on how to make a Swan Origami (as featured in the game) while you're waiting for the game to install."

Heavy Rain pre-orders are now available for $59.99 and the PlayStation 3 title is scheduled to ship on February 23, 2010.

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#10 - daveribz - 255w ago
daveribz's Avatar
I'm willing to free some space for Heavy Rain, that's for sure. Can't wait to try it out! But what caught my attention is the 720p resolution icon.. Don't know if it was already said, but it's a bit deceiving for a "movie" game.

#9 - heartagram62 - 255w ago
heartagram62's Avatar
The reason I made my previous comments was because I don't normally read the back of the box and therefore don't realise there is a mandatory install.

I am all ready to go and then boom another five to ten minute wait. I know its not long, maybe I should start reading the box before I'm ready to play lol.

#8 - Mantagtj - 255w ago
Mantagtj's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by proxima View Post
"How to make a Swan Origami" O_o so.. I should get excited about THIS feature? at least its not "how to smoke 5 cigarettes in 10 mins" by Metal Gear Solid 4 because thats was exactly what I was doing during the install.

Anyway for Heavy Rain i would wipe my little 40gigs clean and do the freaking origami

ha ha you're funny.. makes me laugh

#7 - kakarotoks - 255w ago
kakarotoks's Avatar
@heartagram62: You wait 2 years for a game, you can wait 5 more minutes... it's usually 5 to 10 minutes max for the install.. just consider that you might have missed your bus on your way back home...

Also, like williamfold said, you get home, put the disc in, while it installs, you go change into your pyjamas, get yourself that plate of cookies, then sit down, confortably for the show to start!

@williamfold: hehe, I agree, I think the fuss is just about the "xbox has no install time", if xbox had those too, then nobody would complain.. it's alway s amatter of relativity, you always compare to other existing solutions. anyways, like I said, I agree with you on the "it gives me time to get comfy".

#6 - williamfold - 255w ago
williamfold's Avatar
What I hate is when a reviewer says a mandatory install takes away from the immersion into the game because you have to wait to play it... mind you this is usually reviewers who favor the xbox... while it installs it gives me time to get comfy, get a drink, etc


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