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God of War 3 is the Best Looking Game on Sony's PS3 to Date!

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305w ago - Apparently, the geniuses at Sony Santa Monica have done it again. The studio managed to create a God of War iteration that has made David Jaffe proud.

The studio released some pictures of the game recently and it looks phenomenal. However, the big question on everyone's mind is - does it play well?

God of War III (GOW3) may be one of the most anticipated games on the PS3. Sony revealed GOW3 during last E3 after much speculation that a next gen version was in the works. The fact that there was the God of War logo with a big number three on the back of the booklet for Chains of Olympus helped clue gamers in on this secret.

The guys over at Kotaku recently had the opportunity to watch GOW3 in action and they seem to be pretty excited about the game. One of the writers commented that GOW3 is more beautiful than any PS3 game to date.

Apparently, not only does the game look 'beautiful,' but the scale is enormous. According to the game director, Stig Asmussen, one of the levels from God of War on the PS2 could fit inside the palm of the titan's hand shown in the E3 trailer for GOW3.

The gameplay has also been revamped as well. Kratos can now switch weapons real-time on the fly. This means that while hacking away with the armblades, Kratos can now switch to another weapon during mid attack chaining different weapons into a combo.

The game is also gorier with the use of something called 'Zipper Tech,' which can simulate realistic disembowelment. The game is said to be more violent than any of the previous games in the series. You can also bet that there will be a mini-sex game in there somewhere.

It is really good to hear that this game is shaping up very nicely. However, Sony has yet to reveal when the game will hit the store shelves. The company has hinted at a late 2009 release date, but it impossible to know for sure until E3 this year. Stay tuned for more information on God of War III for the PS3.

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#9 - bustinthejustin - 305w ago
bustinthejustin's Avatar
Meh, not much of a GOW fan myself.

#8 - imperialarmy - 305w ago
imperialarmy's Avatar
Wouldn't it make sense to make it a bit tentative, though? I mean, instead of pushing it back and pushing it back, the creators can then wow everyone when "Hey, everybody, we finished it BEFORE the release date! Hooray us!"

...just sayin'.

That said, I seriously doubt it's going to be "the best looking game" on the PS3. As one of you said, MGS4 was phenomenal in terms of graphics, and Killzone 2 also looks like it's going to be a graphical masterpiece. What I'm most worried about is whether God of War III can do for PS3 graphics what God of War II did for PS2 graphics.

Then again, having never played either of the two previous games, I should just shut up. :/

#7 - GZA1984 - 305w ago
GZA1984's Avatar
the last official release date for God Of War III was Q4 2009. the 2010 ha snot been confirmed at all and is just a rumor coming from one source: Gamestop. Most game sites still have it set to be released this year in the 4th quarter.

#6 - xandura - 305w ago
xandura's Avatar
damn, I wanna play it no matter when its realease is set, but sony could use GOW3 this year to strenghten its headline, after the flop of KZ2 (imo)

#5 - ZBlacktt - 305w ago
ZBlacktt's Avatar
Sure is a big assumption seeing that MGS4 still is the best thing we've seen on the PS3 as a whole game. Not just some effects here and there. Hence why MGS4 got so many 10 ratings. But, it also goes to show that all the best games will be found on the PS3 due to Blu-ray and it's vast amount of disc space. I think we all see Sony winning game of the year 3 years in a row now (MGS4, KZ2 and now GOW3).

Quote Originally Posted by mattdrumgod View Post
When the first and second GOW came out for PS2 they were unbelievable. They looked like next generation graphics on the PS2. I can bet GOW III will be the best looking game so far.

Same with MSG3 Snake Eater for the PS2. Very detailed, so much so that you'd really have to play it just looking for the details. Aside from looking for the bad solider's, playing the game etc. Like rainforest dew rain drops falling on electrified fencing. Wind, clouds moving, crisp sounds, great shadowing. Just so much at the time.


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