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Future PS3 Firmware to Support Managed Copy

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350w ago - We know that a future PlayStation 3 firmware update will enable Portable Copy, a feature that will allow users to copy a downsampled version of certain Blu-ray titles over to their PSP for portable viewing.

But in a recent interview with Japanese site Impress Watch, Sony engineers revealed that an upcoming firmware update will also bring support for Managed Copy.

With Managed Copy, PS3 owners will be able to pop-in a Blu-ray disc and legally rip it straight to their PS3's hard drive. Additionally, future updates are expected to bring 1080 deinterlacing and DTS-HD MA support to the console. A release window for the new features was not given.

On the subject of Firmware 2.20, one of the engineers said that the forthcoming update will greatly reduce system memory usage.

Without a doubt, this is great news for developers and likely means that Sony is paving the way for in-game XMB.

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#6 - Xannadu - 350w ago
Xannadu's Avatar
DTS-HD MA is an expected update? Is it expected by Sony or by us? I've wanted nothing more (okay maybe in-game XMB) from updates than that! Has Sony actually said they're working on it?

#5 - VendeTTaa - 350w ago
VendeTTaa's Avatar
The only one prob with this though, piracy lol unless when u copy a blu ray disc to your hard drive its only formatted for your ps3? and wont play on others? like the back up files

This would not be entirely practical, for those of us with stock HDD's at least, as a blu-ray dump would take up a considerable amount of space.

I think the problem they would worry about would be people dumping this dump () onto a disc or external hdd and then burning that to BRD.

However, this is already possible with SAK, so the point is moot.

#4 - sibbor - 350w ago
sibbor's Avatar
*thumbs up* for DTS-HD MA and 1080 deinterlacing.

This will once again bring the PS3 to the VERY front of the high-end BD players! I just love Sony and their (our/my) PS3 =D!

#3 - zerocom - 350w ago
zerocom's Avatar
Hopfully they further improve the file playback from XMB. I would love to see that the PS3 switches the video output to 50i or 24p if the media has that frame rate.

#2 - HenryMccarty - 350w ago
HenryMccarty's Avatar
yeah but their has to be some kind of catch, so that means you can rent a blu ray from a friend or something and dump it in your ps3, that would be neat but i doubt it.


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