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Final Fantasy XIII 'Elixir' Beverage Announced for Japan

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276w ago - With the Final Fantasy XIII release date for PlayStation 3 now confirmed for Japan, the announcement of a tie-in beverage from Suntory was apparently next on their agenda.

Final Fantasy XIII "Elixir" will come in 16 collectible cans, each with a different character on it.

It will be available sometime this winter, either in single cans (of Lemon or Aloe-flavored Elixir), in packages with collectible figurines, or in a collector's box with all 16 cans.

To quote: "A Suntory representative took the stage at the Premiere Party event today and revealed that, as an effort to increase its recovery capabilities, the drink is being powered up with three times the amount of caffein and royal jelly of normal products.

Additionally, each can contains a full day's supply of Vitamin B1 and B6.

A total of 16 cans will be offered, showing off various characters from the FFXIII game. The cans will be purchasable individually, bundled with special character figures, and in a limited set containing all the cans. As with the Dissidia drink, Suntory will offer two flavors: lemon and aloe."

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#6 - agustbestur - 275w ago
agustbestur's Avatar
They shouldnt try too hard to advertise a game. How does a drink symbolize FFXIII?

#5 - ZBlacktt - 275w ago
ZBlacktt's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zangetsu1 View Post
This looks cool and stuff... but I'm really too old for this (25) I just want the game..

25 is old? Brother, I'm 40 and age is a total state of mind. I love MGS crap and buy it when I see it. Never let the kid in you go a way. I still have my first video game system, lol.... stone age Intellivison and a Mattel's hand held football game (1982 and 1978). But yeah, somethings in life never change. As that is who you really are.

Here, pictures for added value, lol...

Bottom row in back.

#4 - dezza - 275w ago
dezza's Avatar
Haha, this is nothing new.. Final Fantasy is a real competitor to the Coca-Cola company

Scroll down to "Final Fantasy Potion"

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And a follow-up with even more weird japanese drinks ..

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#3 - cfwprophet - 275w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar

Im 29 but why should some one be to old to drink a beverage?
If you so think than i have to say that your also to old to play videogames

#2 - ynoz - 275w ago
ynoz's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zangetsu1 View Post
This looks cool and stuff... but I'm really too old for this (25) I just want the game..

jaja i think the same as you, and i dont think this cans even be available outside japan, just release the game a let us play it!


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