DualShock 3 US Release Date Revealed

321w ago - Sony announced at today's PlayStation Destination conference that the DualShock 3 controller has received a solid US release date. The controller is set to launch on April 15 at an MSRP of $54.99.

To quote: We have more word from retailer conference Destination PlayStation: the DualShock 3–you know, that DualShock we've been waiting for since the PS3's launch–has gotten a US release date.

Set to launch April 15th for $54.99, it's slated to coincide with the release of GT5 Prologue. Oh yes, feel those engines roar through your controller and make your SIXAXIS-wielding friends envious...like they're just playing a video game or something.

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mussa's Avatar
#20 - mussa - 319w ago
Why don't you just buy one from ebay, 25. A bargain
thank you man, i will grab one soon

tuvieja's Avatar
#19 - tuvieja - 319w ago
Is it true that the Dual Shock 3 doesn't have much... "shock"? A friend of mine told me that the vibration was not very strong... nor even noticiable sometimes.... it's a very light vibe, much lighter than Dual Shock 2... is it true?

earcandy788's Avatar
#18 - earcandy788 - 319w ago
Why don't you just buy one from ebay, 25. A bargain

mussa's Avatar
#17 - mussa - 319w ago
i want to buy one dualshock.. it will work on my ps3 jap versin 2.10??

Doughber's Avatar
#16 - Doughber - 319w ago
I'm glad they finally decided to make it.. I think that they should have never gotten rid of the rumble anyways. Every time I play I feel that something is just missing but soon that will all go a way I can't believe the price though.

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