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CodecSys CE-10: PS3 Cell Faster than Core i7 965 XE

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292w ago - A novel transcoding tool [Register or Login to view links] (PDF) allows for the conversion of video material on the Full HD format, with the help of a PlayStation 3 in real time, is coming in June 2009.

To quote, roughly translated: The conversion of video footage in Full HD movies at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 provides current desktop CPUs with a lengthy task. This allows the transcoding of a movie sometimes half a day.

In comes Linux Developer Fixstars with a video converter called CodecSys CE-10, which was to encode movies into MPEG-4-AVC format (H.264)

The Cell processor uses a PlayStation 3 - this format will be predominantly on Blu-ray media or IP-TV via video-stream uses. The CE-10-encoder sends out from a Windows PC, the output data via Ethernet to the console, which finished the encoded data back to the PC sends back.

According to the announcement of Fixstars reached the Cell processor of the PlayStation a performance of 29 FPS, that is 1.2 times real-time conversion - the cell has a similar performance as the CUDA Badaboom encoder in combination with an Nvidia Geforce GTX-285.

By comparison, Intel's current top-CPU, the Core i7 965 XE, does it still at 18 FPS - normal desktop CPUs even create only about 5 FPS.

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#16 - moneyslap03 - 292w ago
moneyslap03's Avatar
Wow sounds incredible, but sony needs to give us Linux devs access the power of the ps3..

#15 - loader187 - 292w ago
loader187's Avatar
It is only going to be time before the PS3 shows its true power just like the PS2. I, for one am happy I bought one.

#14 - icon - 292w ago
icon's Avatar
With the graphics cards companies letting you create your own apps to run on the gpu`s now eg password cracking how would a video encoder written to run on the gpu fair against the ps3 in this case ?

#13 - CyanCaze - 292w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Ram has little to nothing to do with games on top of that the PS3 uses XDR rapped around the cell to make it run the fastest it can. XDR is very expensive that's why it only has 256 MB of it.

Now the Cell is a super computer microprocessor. It was built for super computing, so it doesn't really surprise me that it beat IBM.

#12 - pan0k - 292w ago
pan0k's Avatar
Well, there is no doubt that the current generation of video game hardware are powerful. Unfortunately, the limits of the RAM really affect the system performance. I was hoping to see at least 2 GB of RAM in the system (PS3 or Xbox 360). Oh well. Hopefully PS4 or Xbox720 will come with at least 4 GB but preferably 8GB.

Even Windows need at least 4GB to make the system hum. Resolution war is over. Processor war is going but I think memory (system and video) will be the deciding factor to win the console race.


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