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Can Sony's PlayStation 3 Console Catch Up to the XBox 360?

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306w ago - Microsoft has recently been boasting that it has an 8 million global lead over the PS3, and that the PS3's sales figures aren't dramatically rising.

However, analyst Michael Pachter believes that if they were to price the PS3 at parity with the XBox 360, then sales of the PS3 would eventually exceed the XBox 360 sales and Sony would catch up.

To quote: I expect it this year, as soon as their cost structure permits a cut. My Monday note said April, and that is nothing more than a guess. It could come later, but it seems to me that it must come some time in 2009.

With that said, I think that PS3 will sell well once competitively priced. The company has an insurmountable advantage in Japan, and an overall brand loyalty in Europe. Should they price at parity with Xbox 360 ($299), I think that PS3 sales would exceed 360 sales, and eventually, they could catch up.

At present, it doesn't look like that is happening any time soon, so Sony should be prepared to remain in third place until well after they cut price.

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Chivafighter's Avatar
#9 - Chivafighter - 305w ago
Quote Originally Posted by Audi10 View Post
until they lower manufacturing costs im afraid not... Plus they need to target the North American market which is dominated by microsoft.

Yeap very true, plus they have to make all the content that the Japanese and Chinese have on there PSN accounts to North America.

You can get it now but you have to go thru the process of making new accounts but it would be better if we didnt.

Audi10's Avatar
#8 - Audi10 - 306w ago
until they lower manufacturing costs im afraid not... Plus they need to target the North American market which is dominated by microsoft.

DJRighteous's Avatar
#7 - DJRighteous - 306w ago
The ps3 will of course because it is more liked than the xbox360. Ps3 also sells more units because of its better graphics and more fascinating games. Microsoft is only ready for operating systems such as Windows.

BentleyGT's Avatar
#6 - BentleyGT - 306w ago
Sony may make a killing if they lower the price to $299. Still the 360 will be $199 and the Wii, $249.

Chivafighter's Avatar
#5 - Chivafighter - 306w ago
Quote Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
You also have to remember how many xbox360's had the RROD and these numbers might be included in the total as to why there has been more xbox360 than ps3 as a lot of people just went and got another xbox360 from the retailer as all the RROD ones wouldn't have all been done/fixed by microsoft. Just an observation on my part.

You know Starlight, i never really thought of it like that. Each RROD is a potential Sale for Microsoft, even though it was just a return and there goes the numbers to go higher.

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