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BioShock for PlayStation 3 - First Impressions

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324w ago - So I make no secret of the fact I LOVE Bioshock. It was my game of the year last year by a long way. Yeah COD4 was a great game and I am still playing that. Halo Jesus really was not the game it should of been - please don't flame me it's just my opinion and Mass Effect had too many little issues. So Bioshock really stood out for me.

So it was with great delight that I found out it was coming to my shiny black paperweight. The trouble is, would it play well on the PS3?

Well the demo hit the PSN (all regions thanks you 2k/Sony!) and I downloaded it as soon as I got home. It took a little under and hour to drop down the 1.8GB demo (holy crap demos are getting bigger !) and around ten minutes to install (go figure!).

It was with real trepidation that I launched the game and waited for the menu to roll up. First thing you notice is just how many teams worked on this game! 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Digital Extremes etc - That never sounds good!

I hit the menu, choose my game type and launch the game. The intro sequence plays out and looks just as good at the 360 version, perhaps a little higher res and cleaner. The plane ditches (spoiler!) and you struggle tot he surface - here we go, lets see if it starts to chug - No, one of my favorite parts of the game graphically looks just as sweet as it did on the 360, infarct it looks even better.

Moving to the tower through the flaming wreckage looked lush. The only weirdness I spotted was in the sky - what have they done to the clouds?

Anyway I go into the tower and head down towards the Bathasphere. All good so far, so pull the lever and we dive down. The little info film plays and then the shutters are drawn back on the underwater haven that is Rapture. Chug, Chug, Chug I could of cried.

Then I remembered the Xbox version did exactly the same at this point and took some heart from this. Then as we swept around the underwater metropolis I spotted some texture pop on the nose of the whale and started to get that sinking feeling in my stomach again.

The pod docked and out I got, everything looked just as good as before, the frame rate was solid and the water looked totally gorgeous. I played through the level and all worked just as it had done before, animations where great, lighting good, beautiful design. Then it struck me, this game looks a lot more high res. It looks a lot cleaner. Oh dear. What do you mean "Oh Dear" your probably saying.

Well for some reason now that it's cleaner and more high resolution the textures look a bit more , well, textury. Looking out of the windows towards the rest of Rapture you notice the rivets on the window pane, and they are a little blockily drawn. Don't get me wrong here, in my opinion the game looks better than the Xbox 360 version no doubt, and on par with the higher end PC visuals, but for some reason it detracts from it.

Maybe I have been spoilt since last playing this game. I have played MGS4 since then and that hit a whole new level for in game graphics for me. So maybe that is why Bioshock seems a little less than I remember it to be.

Don't get me wrong the demo was rock solid and the gameplay mechanics are all still in place and you should definitely pick this up if you missed it before. It just seems a little bit of a disappointment to me and I can't really put my finger on why.

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#9 - loverboifreak - 324w ago
loverboifreak's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
My theory is they don't want it to look good on the ps3 as it was a xbox360 game and they don't want to have the ps3 beaten out the xbox360 on this game..

funny how that seems with some games that come to the ps3. i'm guessing in a few years things will change as developers and publishers get a better grip on the ps3 architecture.

#8 - Starlight - 324w ago
Starlight's Avatar
My theory is they don't want it to look good on the ps3 as it was a xbox360 game and they don't want to have the ps3 beaten out the xbox360 on this game..

#7 - p00chie - 324w ago
p00chie's Avatar
just looked at some screenshots xbox vs ps3 and the box version just look a lot sharper and mich better. ps3 screens are just washed out and don't look very promising. whatt the hell did they do all the time?!

and thats not all. the textues are a lot worse than the box version. it's not like the other compares between xbox and ps3. getting out late and looking much worse. where is the link to that FAIL! .img when i need it.

#6 - muradps3 - 324w ago
muradps3's Avatar
I have to agree with comments in comparison.. I wont be getting this on PS3. The PC version - resolution detail and AA was so much better than the ps3 version.

Was well disappointed with it on the ps3.

Having said that, I never played the PC version through and playing the ps3 demo has made me think I want to revisit it perhaps on the pc

#5 - Rightfoot - 324w ago
Rightfoot's Avatar
Completed this on PC several times, they better come up with some more than this if they want us to play it again. I'm not buying it yet.


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