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Analyst: Recession Could Affect PlayStation 3 Sales the Most

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317w ago - What happens when people are reluctant to spend money? Well, they're reluctant to buy a $400 games machine, that's what.

Blu-ray predictions are down due to the struggling economy. PS3 sales should also be affected, an obvious conclusion made by analyst Piers Harding-Rolls.

"At the top end, the PS3 with its high price is arguably more likely to be impacted by a recession than the other platforms. This may prompt consumers to consider other consoles or wait for the PS3 price to drop."

But, sluggish sales of the PS3 won't be the only outcome of a recession economy. Credit has dried up in many areas, meaning developers of games may be forced to cancel or stall projects, before funds become more readily available.

"Where I do see an impact is with regards to access to credit for publishers that look to borrow to invest in content production. Obviously credit is less available generally so this may result in cost cutting and some projects being canceled and put on hold."

Of course, when developers and publishers can't try something new, you know what they turn to: less original IPs as investors become increasingly wary of games with ambiguous potential.

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#7 - GGG20 - 317w ago
GGG20's Avatar
I don't think the recession will effect the ps3 sales.. especcially now with christmas time.. Anyone who hasn't a ps3 wants one.. further it's a damn good machine.. I think personally is much better than a xbox of wii.

#6 - sorceror - 317w ago
sorceror's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by b4rtsimps0n View Post
I think no advertisement will rescue the ps3 this year, unless Sony drops the price.

I don't think Sony can drop the price. The PS3 has a lot of goodies in it, and the hardware itself is built better than the 360 - failure rates of PS3s have been much lower than 360s. That costs, and in a down economy Sony's going to be reluctant to sell them at a big loss. If they could drop the price, I think they would.

So, they have to go with what they have. In that case, making the "better overall value" pitch is their only hope.

#5 - mrmiller24 - 317w ago
mrmiller24's Avatar
this is ridiculous, the recession is not only going to affect sony with their ps3, the game console market on the whole will suffer because its a income inelastic market, meaning when people have less money, its easy to cut it from their lifestyle until more money becomes available, personally i think that the whole market from hardware to software will struggle untill we all get a little more money again because people will just choose not to spend £100-£300 on a console as that will get them more important items.

its silly to single out the ps3 from the rest of the market.. companies struggle during economic slowdown - fact.

#4 - b4rtsimps0n - 317w ago
b4rtsimps0n's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sorceror View Post
Specifically comparing yourself to the competition is a risky move in advertising, since it gives the competition some recognition. But people are more cost-conscious now, Sony has to position the PS3 as a better value.

So, a commercial showing a PS3 (include little things like the web browser and maybe a motion-control game like High Velocity Bowling - just show 'em, don't draw specific attention to 'em. Make people think, "Huh, I thought only the Wii did that.").

Next to this, show a 360. Then the hard-drive add-on (little ka-ching sound). Then a wireless controller (ka-ching). Then the Wifi add-on (ka-ching). Then a monthly Live bill (ka-ching). Then a Blu-ray player (ka-ching).

Don't show specific numbers, but show a little unlabelled bar graph, where the 360's column starts out lower but moves higher as you add the stuff.

Unfair? Not the whole story? Sure, but that's what ads are supposed to be.

I think no advertisement will rescue the ps3 this year, unless Sony drops the price. All the mothers and fathers looking for a present this holiday season won't look at that, they just want to make their children happy with a console for as cheap as possible, so they'll walk right past the ps3 in the stores and look at a Wii or a 360. They don't look at the games available for the consoles or the extras you can buy for it to make it equal to the ps3. (mostly because they don't know anything about them)

#3 - tokiskilamama - 317w ago
tokiskilamama's Avatar
400$ for a console it is too much, but it is a good machine. I believe that her ps3 is bandaged very well.


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