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Air Force May Suffer Collateral Damage on PS3 OtherOS Removal

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241w ago - Although not surprising, today ArsTechnica.com reports that the US Air Force may suffer collateral damage (especially since investing in 300 followed by another 2200 consoles for research) due to Sony's recent decision to remove the OtherOS functionality via PS3 Firmware 3.21 from the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

However, the Air Force stated they are aware of the recent class action lawsuits against Sony over this matter, to quote:

"We will have to continue to use the systems we already have in hand," a representative told Ars, "but this will make it difficult to replace systems that break or fail.

The refurbished PS3s also have the problem that when they come back from Sony, they have the firmware (gameOS) and it will not allow Other OS, which seems wrong.

We are aware of class-action lawsuits against Sony for taking away this option on systems that use to have it."

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#12 - Warrorar - 241w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
2500PS3 Consoles have the same calculation power like the roadrunner from IBM.

A Professor of the University of Cambridg(?) i'm not realy sure. created a linux based cluster system for the ps3. which makes it possible to build up a cluster farm of tousands of ps3's to calculate mathematical functions. simulate situations for war/earthquakes what ever.

the price of 2500ps3 consoles are 250$ *2500 = 625,000$. for 625,000$ you get a supercomputer for lifetime of they consoles which have the same power like the roadrunner of IBM, which costs 2,1m $ for one month.


#11 - dondolo - 241w ago
dondolo's Avatar
well, they could do something very easy, they could create a special firmware from now to the future, with otheros just for them, for them and for all the other companies that have spent a lot of money till now, using ps3 for researches and other pruposes

we know about special pups that can updgrade downgrade and the flash the retail consoles, so i believe it's not so difficult for sony to create special firmwares with otheros back

#10 - weii - 241w ago
weii's Avatar
See, it is not just the normal consumer and enthusiasts that are complaining, even the researchers are complaining about Sony's bad move. Granted, they could easily request for specific firmware flash or made special firmware just for research, but specific firmware flash is unlikely since they would have teach their repair center how to that at the risk of possible information leak and the special firmware is unlikely as well since leak is possible too.

Besides being sued all over, not they are going to have Air Force breathing down their necks.

Either way, however Sony want to handle this matter, they need to be careful. Because they might just made a bigger and more powerful enemy if they do not tread carefully.

#9 - inginear - 241w ago
inginear's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mushy409 View Post
What kind of 'research'? Or is this just a technical term for getting some practice in on some flight sims?

Why would they need 2200 PS3? Maybe use them in a new type of Tomahawk missile?

If Sony shafted the air force by not giving them back the otheros option, they could just send in a squadron a turn sony HQ into a smouldering black stain

Works both ways ya' see?

the usaf does more than weapons research. there are a multitude of simulations they could be running for finite results. and as the ps3 was not built with applied research in mind, sony would more likely steer any organizations using them for such purposes to their cell based workstations that cost around 5 times as much as a ps3.

#8 - CodeKiller - 241w ago
CodeKiller's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
Seriously - the USAF should not be affected at all!!!

You missed the point: as far as they work they're fine, but if one/more ps3 broke down, after they send to sony they'll getting back as "useless junk" without otheros. And if they planned to buy additional units, they don't have reason to anymore. (It's unlikely they will buy secound-hand units.)


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