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Sony Factories in Japan Closed Due to Earthquake and Tsunamis

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189w ago - With news of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunamis in Japan, several Sony factories are currently closed as a result of the disaster.

To quote from Engadget (linked above): "Sony and Toyota have both stopped operations in their factories due to damage. Tragically, one Honda worker lost his life after a wall collapsed, while several Panasonic workers are said to have suffered minor injuries.

It remains to be seen exactly what impacts this will have on consumers, but Sony's closed factories were responsible for the production of Blu-ray discs and batteries, while the numerous automotive shutdowns could result in short-term shortages. This bad news sent stocks downward, with German share prices for Sony dropping 2.5 percent and Honda 4.5 percent.

We're still watching with concern to see what other impacts the resultant tsunamis could have, but for now we'll keep hoping for the best."

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OGroteKoning's Avatar
#22 - OGroteKoning - 188w ago
Supported mate! They need all the help they can get and prayer will go a long way.

NCSUfan's Avatar
#21 - NCSUfan - 188w ago
I've always wondered if other countries try to help us out as we (usa) so often do when others need it.

I wish the japanese well during this trying time... but I'm beyond disgusted with the usa getting shot on media-wise all over the globe but we are the first to be turned to when it hits the fan and someone needs a helping hand...

I wished the japanese people well.

Takavach's Avatar
#20 - Takavach - 188w ago
Hello to all my friends and forum members. i think in this time all of you know about the japan and know about their people and nuclear reactor. like every news center i want to say please come and forget every things good or bad in your life and pray for people in japan, it's not about your game , it's not about sony and it's not about nothing you think about that , it is about another people like us.

I will pray for japan and i hope god help them.

Thanks in Advance.

shummyr's Avatar
#19 - shummyr - 188w ago
My deepest thoughts, prayers and sympathy go to the people of japan

OGroteKoning's Avatar
#18 - OGroteKoning - 188w ago
A natural disaster hits Japan and you are so supportive and display good wishes for their well being. But on the other hand you continue to wish Sony goes under? Did you ever stop and think that it is the same Japanese people you are talking about? And that all of a sudden you wish the same Japanese employees to be without work - thus not caring for their well being? Catch a wake up!!

Good luck to all those hit by this disaster. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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