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LG Wins Injunction Against Sony, PS3 European Shipments Seized

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195w ago - As a follow-up to our previous article, today the civil court of justice in the Hague has granted LG a preliminary injunction that will see all new PlayStation 3 consoles imported into Europe confiscated by customs for at least ten days leaving only a few weeks worth of PS3 stock left in the channel.

To quote from MCVUK: "Shipments of PS3 consoles have been seized by European customs officers as an LG injunction against Blu-ray technology seeks to block Sony products from sale, according to a report in The Guardian this afternoon.

Earlier this month, LG had filed a claim with the International Trade Commission calling for a block on PS3 sales, saying the device infringes on its copyrights.

The technology firm claims its rival's Blu-ray disc devices use four patented technologies while, Bravia TVs infringe another four.

At the time, the firm said it wanted to have sales of the PS3 (which plays Blu-rays) and other products banned.

And now, surprisingly, its got its way. The Guardian reports that an initial injunction has now been granted by the civil court of justice in the Hague, leading to all new imports of PS3s to be confiscated."

All I can say is hahahaha owned

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sheridan2000's Avatar
#24 - sheridan2000 - 195w ago
Maybe $ony will have to pay us all loads of money or buy back our systems as they have broken the law themselves??

Not a good start to the year for $ony really. But seeing what $ony are trying to extort out of the Dev community then go get LG... and i am quite assured this will not effect prices for games/consoles as $ony are already falling behind on sales.

mrgreaper's Avatar
#23 - mrgreaper - 195w ago
Quote Originally Posted by swatpup32 View Post
I highly doubt this will be the end of ps3 production. Worst cases is probably a multi-million dollar settlement in LG's favor. Basically past and future royalties.

and who will be harmed by that? sony? or there customers, i forsee i raise in the cost of the ps3, psn+, maybe even a raise in games.

Sony will just wash this off there backs.

thebomb5's Avatar
#22 - thebomb5 - 195w ago
No one said anything about LG doing this because of Geohot, That's why it is an act of Irony, Sony was so worried about people doing so called "illegal" things to "their" console, That they "forgot" they were doing illegal things as well such as infringing on LG's patent. And if Sony didn't freak out about the whole Geohot memory read and write exploit on the PS3 a year or two back and removed Linux most of this wouldn't have happened.

Just as the other guy said, Sony is extremely dumb for suing people for 1: that knows the PS3 inside and out, and 2: for not hiring them to work for the company. These devs ran circles around Sony's security system and the best thing is they are not lazy and they love the stuff they do and they love it so much they do it for free.

So if you were a company would you rather sue those people for millions of dollars and make them angry, or give them a Job and pay them to make your future consoles even better, and not have them against you. If you'd hire them you would be killing two birds with one stone, fail0verflow single handedly demolished Sony's Security implementations.

Graf_chokolo single handedly, reversed engineered Sony's HV, Geohot single handedly allowed the first exploit to be allowed on the PS3. So if these people can take apart what a whole company spending millions of dollars to build. in a year or two, what could be accomplished if they were on your side I would say pretty close to an unhackable console, wouldn't you? If i was Sony and I would just suck it up, and hire these people, because I know that they know that I can't stop them.

pig098's Avatar
#21 - pig098 - 195w ago
Sony started whole thing?? LOL. do you think LG sued sony because Sony sued Geo?? are you super cereal??
Quote Originally Posted by Wootzy View Post
It's not like this has enough potential to END Sony. It'll survive, it always does. Nintendo and Microsoft will continue to deliver anyways. And it already delayed PS4 so who the hell cares. We have our hacked PS3's and a huge ass library of great games so who cares what happens to them right now?

I never said it would. i also never said PS3 would stop. but i said people are looting for LG to do that. which is just dumb

And PS3 so far has best exclusive line up. it would be annoying if something like this impact that in any slightest way.

pepijndamen's Avatar
#20 - pepijndamen - 195w ago
Sony will probably pay LG a certain amount of money, and continue on selling PS3's the world over.

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