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Cloud PS3 Game Online Saving Coming in Firmware 3.60 Update

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204w ago - Today Kotaku (linked above) reports that Sony PlayStation 3 developers have revealed Cloud PS3 Game Online Saving is coming in the Firmware 3.60 update.

To quote: "Cloud storage means that, rather than just keeping your save game data on your PlayStation 3's hard drive, users will be given the option to upload their saves remotely to a server.

The advantage of this is that not only does it save the user space on their hard drive, but since it's tied to a PlayStation Network account, it can be pulled down to different consoles whenever and wherever the user desires.

First rumored all the way back in 2009, there is of course a catch: it'll only be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, not the great unwashed. Actually, there are two catches: Sony bundled the announcement with the clause that, because saving games to the cloud "will allow save data with the copy prohibited attribute to be copied into the online storage", developers are able to opt out and bar their games from using it should there be a concern.

Sony will call the process "Online Saving", and it'll be made available as part of the PS3's upcoming 3.60 firmware update."

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#9 - adogalog - 204w ago
adogalog's Avatar
Well it looks good and all but It just seems like a great way for Sony to detect you running modified firmwares, plus if I wanted say a 100% savegame I'd just look on the internet and replace it with FTP server (assuming its a game like GT5 with copy protections to stop this, if not I'd just plug the USB in and copy to HDD...)

I don't personally see myself using this, I really don't see any point to be honest.

#8 - shummyr - 204w ago
shummyr's Avatar
Here we go again but hey what works for one person doesnt always work for another so I can see the pros and cons of this, but for the time being I think IM going to opt out of using it till the tech is proven, The only nice thing is the fact that certain gamesaves can be backed up that normally couldnt otherwise be backed up

#7 - djcopey - 204w ago
djcopey's Avatar
Imo gonna stick to 3.41 + dongle if its the same to everyone but to suckers that what online saving best off luck, my upgraded 320gb is workin fine, which i hear has issues with 3.56F sony and their stupid updates.

#6 - ahasverus - 204w ago
ahasverus's Avatar
Can't you already save your game progress in storage device like a pendrive ? And take to your friends house ?

So, what's the point ? I mean the benefit for end users is minimum and this is once again a way trying to stop piracy.

Wouldn't be nice in 3.60 CFW just replacing the sony server address for a unknown server that does the same ?

#5 - toughguy - 204w ago
toughguy's Avatar
Less hack and cheat on save files, great for MMO games.


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