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    Big Grin Tony Hawk's Project 8 PSP

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    I'm suprised nobody posted it but here it is! Coming out this tuesday.
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    Nice... you did now! I'll add it to the Master List- Thanks!

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    The release date for Tony Hawk appears to be 11/23, not 11/7. Three-and-a-half weeks away. There has likely been a push back for the PSP version since Gamespot's last update.

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    I read that it is supposed to come out today.

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    on eb it says 11/21/06 add to cart but then it says pre release. I bet we won't see it until next week for sale. Let's just hope since $ony's 3.0 release this one last sweet title plays on the current dev hook still.

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    Oh this is one sweet piece of game. Lets hope it's somewhat better than underground remix 2, cause that totally dissapointed me.

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    i'm not very impressed with the (original) xbox version so i am not going to get my hopes up for the psp version.
    the 360 demo was really swwet though. that version (and ps3 i'd gather) is the one to get!

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    Damn it, I hope it doesn't suck, or I'll have to force someone I know to get at ps3 and project 8

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    its out now, i dumped mine and the iso is 1.40gb

    works with latest devhook

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    scene release is out;


    Size : 61X20MB
    Filename : st2-thp8psp

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