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    Jan 2012
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    thanks wololo

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    Jan 2011
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    pretty much a waste of money buying these psp games... when within a few weeks or less it will be patched with a fw update.

    i suppose if u like playin some emus for a small amount of time before sony patches it it's kinda worth it, but not really.

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    Senior Member Prince Valiant's Avatar
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    Same. It would've been cool to see more people taking advantage of the PS3 hardware for emulators though.

    My Vita is sitting on 1.66 until I need to update for a game, which probably won't happen for a while.

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    Junior Member CREEPSHOW's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    one day it will be fully hack so people can play all the emulators on the PS Vita without using a games run the VHBL and i get feeling that some will hack it by next year

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    Apr 2005

    New PS Vita Exploit and VHBL Port in the Works by Xerpi

    Following up on his previous update, this weekend PlayStation Vita hacker wololo has announced that a new PS Vita exploit and VHBL port in the works by [Register or Login to view links].

    To quote from his blog: "Developer xerpi twitted a few days ago that he has a new user mode exploit available, and that he managed to port VHBL to it fairly easily (it took only 10 minutes to port VHBL according to what he told me).

    "VHBL working on my new exploit pic.twitter.com/5PeV6Hi2"

    I believe for now this exploit with remain under wraps since we are already working on a release with Neur0n, but this is of course up to xerpi.

    In the meantime, enjoy a few screenshots!"

    Finally, below is yet another exploit from [Register or Login to view links] with details as follows:

    Fate6 confirmed my VHBL port working on PS Vita 1.69.1 and the game being on Vita US PSN

    fate6 wrote: well then yes it does work on the Vita on 1.69.1 ^__^

    I have a european account and this game is not on european PSN, so I couldn't test it on my Vita. Thanks fate6 For EU users, we are working on porting it to the Eu version of the game.

    Working homebrew (US):
    • NesterJ 1,13beta2
    • Picodrive 1.35b and 1.51
    • Cavestory (crashes when exiting, use start+select to exit)
    • Doom (it loads but I have no wads to test it)
    • TOME 2.3.5
    • EmuMaster V3 FF XIII Edition (crashes when exiting)
    • CSPSP 1.56
    • Wagic 0.13.1
    • uo gpsp kai 3.2 user 64M test 02 (crashes when exiting)
    • NOIZ2SA 0.8
    • Halo hig
    • Ultra
    • Squarez
    • Dodge the Squares 1.3
    • Ninja Sudoku 0.1 (crashes when exiting)
    • JellyCar 1.1
    • Psplorer 1.5
    • Bookr
    • PSPDOXMANAGER 1.2 (crashes when exiting)
    • Daedalus R13
    • uo_Snes9x 0.02y32
    • yMenu
    • CPS2
    • NZP

    Non working homebrew (US):
    • Python 2.5 (homebrews written in python won't work, i.e: spider, psptools, pymenu, pspguess...)
    • Mobile Assault 1.7.2
    • PSP Filer 6.7 and 6.6 (shows language select screen, then black screen)
    • pspmsx 1.5.1
    • Zcrisis
    • Supertux v1
    • PSP Mario (Phoenix Game Engine Lua 0.03), other Lua homebrews have failed too
    • Chicken invaders
    • Warcraft 2D
    • UAE4ALL r1
    • SNES9xTYL 0.4.2
    • snakeSP
    • Geometry Wars Portable
    • SQRXZ3 1.0
    • ScummVM 1.3.0
    • Visual Novels PSP

    Working homebrews (EU):
    • NesterJ 1,13beta2
    • JellyCar 1.1
    • Python 2.5
    • CSPSP 1.56

    Non working homebrew (EU):
    • Mobile Assault 1.7.2
    • Snes9xTYL 0.4.2

    This lists will be updated as I test more.

    Update 2: After a long chat with Wololo, he finally managed to get VHBL running on the EU version of my exploit. Thank you Wololo I will post pictures of my Vita running VHBL soon.

    Update 3: Here it is, VHBL on my Vita. (pictures attached below)

    Update 4: I have another VHBL port ready for my second exploit, and a new exploit (wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12544&p=155755#p155755) .

    I have another VHBL port ready. and another exploit:
        Select all
        Exception - Bus error (instr)
        Thread ID -
        Th Name   -
        EPC       - 0x61616160
        Cause     - 0x10000018
        BadVAddr  - 0xFFFFBB00
        Status    - 0x60088613
        zr:0x00000000 at:0x088B4BB0 v0:0x08A6A2C0 v1:0x00000001
        a0:0x00000001 a1:0x00000001 a2:0x089DE0E2 a3:0x089F229E
        t0:0xFFFFFFFF t1:0x00000000 t2:0x00000000 t3:0x00000000
        t4:0x08D1C9EC t5:0xDEADBEEF t6:0xDEADBEEF t7:0xDEADBEEF
        s0:0x61616161 s1:0x61616161 s2:0x61616161 s3:0x61616161
        s4:0x61616161 s5:0x00000000 s6:0x08A70000 s7:0xDEADBEEF
        t8:0xDEADBEEF t9:0xDEADBEEF k0:0x09FFFB00 k1:0x00000000
        gp:0x00000000 SP:0x09FFF580 fp:0x09FFFA90 ra:0x61616161
    So that would be 3 exploits, 2 of them already ported to vhbl
    • PSP: 3K (4g, 6.20 PRO-B10), 2K (v2, 6.60 ME 1.9)
    • PS3 (60GB PAL, 4.00)
    • PS2 (v19, Duo 3 Ultra)
    • PS Vita
    • Gamecube (dol-001, xeno-gc)
    • Dreamcast (v1, mil-cd)

    New PS Vita Exploit and VHBL Port in the Works by Xerpi

    New PS Vita Exploit and VHBL Port in the Works by Xerpi

    More PlayStation 3 News...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    DSC00008.jpg   DSC00010.jpg  

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    Senior Member moja's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Everytime I see a new exploit out I get a little more excited to see the day when I can retire my dear old psp phat for vita emulators. Thanks to the devs keeping progress going along.

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    Registered User camalala's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    I hope that they get something soon thanks

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    Contributor lxmadrid's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    I bought a Vita hoping, at first, that this awesome bit of hardware was going to offer me the kind of portable gaming experience I was waiting for. Pretty graphics and a few random games aside, I'm staring at a handheld slowly collecting dust.

    I really want HBL to take off and bring a whole new world of use to my Vita, but I just haven't seen the strides yet. Maybe someday soon we'll get a crack in the firmware that'll allow us to use a cfw, but until then we're left with a good but imperfect option for running homebrews.

    Good luck to all the devs.


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