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    Question USB Host Driver possible?

    Would it be possible for a programmer to make a USB host driver for PSP? It could be realy usefull! Play with the thought you plug in a USB-chassi with a 2,5"hdd and launch the custom made filemanager and transfer files to your MS. Perfect when you travel!

    I will receive my Jap psp 1.0 next week.....


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    this has been said since psp was released, but after all the advancements we've had lately it seems no one is working on this

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    You cannot make the USB port act as a host in software unless the hardware supports it, which from what I hear the PSP doesn't. The USB keyboard for PSP that has been demoed actually worked as a USB host.

    However, there are several portable HD products available capable of acting as a USB host or even copy directly to the memory stick, like the and others.