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    Unhappy Struggling to get v1.50 stuff to work on v1.00

    Newbie to this tried for hours with no success.

    Got a v1.50 PSP lumnies,coded arms and puzzle bobble work fine but cant get them to work on a v1.00 PSP I have.

    I have tried using SeiPSPTool 05b to convert PBP from v1.50 to v1.00 and am failing no matter what I do.
    Not sure where to save new PBP and and name to give the folder I drop it in. Ive tried droping it in the existing folder over the top of the old with no luck. Just returns to psp screen or get error code.


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    hi, i also have v1.0 and cannot get any game images working. does it matter that i am trying to boot using jap ridge racer for mercury? any ideas?