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    All I did was the steps in the ReadMe basically, if you have any specific questions on a Step Number, then post them and I will help you further.

    1) Extract Street_Fighter_Alpha_3_MAX_USA_PSP-ARTiSAN iSO to a folder on your PC using iSOBuster or similar utility.

    2) Outside of PSP_GAME is a UMD_DATA.BIN file, delete this. Inside of PSP_GAME are ICON0.PNG, PARAM.SFO, and PIC1.PNG so move these to the root of the SFALPHA3 folder in this package.

    3) In your original PSP_GAME\SYSDIR move the UPDATE folder to SFALPHA3\SYSDIR in the pack folder. Ignore or delete the BOOT.BIN and EBOOT.BIN files remaining in the original PSP_GAME\SYSDIR folder as there is already a new BOOT.BIN and PATCHED_BOOT.BIN in the pack SFALPHA3\SYSDIR.

    4) In your original PSP_GAME\USRDIR delete the dummy.bin file, and move the usa folder into the new SFALPHA3\USRDIR folder from this pack.

    5) Now follow the instructions as normal from the included NFO file:

    Copy the 3 folders to your Memory Stick, boot RunUMD.

    Press X (do not hit O to extract update).

    The game will load if you did everything correct!

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    worked fine here as well did exactly as the readme said just another confirmation

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    Make sure you have the RunUMD files in the proper place on your MS, and the SFALPHA3 and x folder in the root of your MS. As for the UPDATE folder I have no clue, I just followed/kept what the pSyPSP release used and all is fine here.

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    In the FiX pack, there is a runumd folder, RUNUMD% folder, and GAME.rar file in the \PSP\GAME folder. ALL of these files need to go on your MS in the \PSP\GAME directory.

    The "3 folders" it is referring to are SFALPHA3, x, and the contents of PSP\GAME in the FiX pack.

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    Sleep mode works for me, but I lose all audio on resume. The game also freezes when I try to exit it, I have to do a full power-off. Anyone not have that issue? Not big problems tho

    Oh and a fun tip, I used PSP Brew to replace RunUMD's icon and background with those from SFA3 (& hide the corrupt). Now I have the SFA3 icon & background in my system menu for launching the game, it's nice Time to find a SF themed AT3 sound clip to go with it.

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    another successful SFA3 working here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k0nan
    The game also freezes when I try to exit it, I have to do a full power-off. Anyone not have that issue? Not big problems tho
    I have that exit/freeze issue also... don't use sleep mode here though.

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    So instead of running from an ISO file, it now runs off an extracted ISO file, reminds me on the early days of playing games off a MS Stick so at the moment theres no way off running it off a single iso file? sorry for being a bit greedy hehe

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    100% correct! HEHE, and ya, no way (yet) of playing it from a single iSO file, but only time will tell if any other new titles may work using a similar extracted method (although the NFO states they won't) so I guess we will wait and see!

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    I think they might've said that so that they won't be inundated with requests. I don't see a reason why this can't be applied to the rest of RunUMD's 1.5 compatability list (Monster Hunter, Katamari jap, Initial D, etc), but then again, I don't have nearly the knowledge & expertise that these guys do.

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