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January 25, 2007 - The next-generation of consoles has arrived and Microsoft and Sony are on precipice of an all-out war of words. As executives from both companies jostle for an edge in public opinion, every mistake is certain to be blown out of proportion. And so it is that a graphic designer's ill-advised decision is going to put a dent in Sony's armor.

On the Sony-owned site [Register or Login to view links], a large banner promising a Gran Turismo HD video preview uses a screenshot from Microsoft's Project Gotham Racing 3.

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The image on top is from PGR 3 developer Bizarre Creation's website. It is clearly the same image used on the PSP Connect banner displayed on the bottom of our graphic.

Mistakes do happen and it's safe to assume Sony had no intention of using its competitors' arcade racing title to advertise Gran Turismo HD. And yet, it happened. In a high-stakes battle for control of the next-gen gaming world, even innocent errors can become big news. Already, Microsoft's [Register or Login to view links] is reporting on the snafu as is IGN's sister site [Register or Login to view links].

Years from now, Sony execs may be able to sit back and get a good laugh out of this. But in the midst of a battle that could decide the fate of an entire company, this is no laughing matter.

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