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    Quote Originally Posted by everglow21 View Post
    So meaning.. I can't play psp games on the psp go and vice versa?
    Sony is working on an official way to do it but I really dont see why hackers cant make it possible to put the many psp games online on your psp go or to rip the umd urself and send the file to the Go. Again, unless its another ps3 - locked down like Fort Knox it- will get hacked. They could encrypt all storage it uses etc etc.

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    you seriously think the reason the psp didn't do as well against the ds and dslite was because it didn't have enough quality softwares? WTF look at the DS/Lite and how many crappy shovelwares they came out with, enough to last you a lifetime. The DS is also easy to hack and pirated as well.

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    I think that as soon as the slim is released along with whatever firmware, it will be cracked. It may be tougher, but I'm sure it will be done.

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    at this price, pspGo is too much expensive , not enough innovation and unable to use homebrew...

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    Thanks for all the info Useful forum, 2 days of joining and I've already learnt a lot of stuff

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    Not sure I follow...

    First off, the PSPgo has no UMD capability at all, no disk tray. How then are they using blocks in the firmware to prevent the PSPgo from ripping games when its physically imposible already?

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    Here's to the growing ability of future hackers.


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