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    Video: TN-V v8 eCFW for PS Vita by Total_Noob is Now Available

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    Following up on his previous updates, this weekend Sony PlayStation Vita hacker Total_Noob has released TN-V v8 eCFW for PS Vita alongside a video of it in action below.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links]

    From Wololo: TN-V 8 release brings in-XMB FTP and other features on your Vita

    PSP/PS Vita legend Total-Noob has just released his final update for TN-V. The new release is titled version TN-V8 and brings some great new features to the table, such as an integrated FTP service in the XMB.

    This TN-V update has added two new features, and fixed two bugs. One of the things added is Coldbird’s Inferno Driver, and a NoDRM crash has fixed for firmwares below 1.80. Here is the complete TN-V8 changelog:

    Changelog of TN-V8
    • Added Inferno Driver by Coldbird.
    • Added in-XMB FTP feature.
    • Fixed NoDRM crash in FW’s below 1.80.
    • Fixed bug where PSPFiler didn’t work without any plugins activated.

    Have fun! Total_Noob

    Private release exploit game leaked, get it while it’s hot! (Vita FW 3.01)

    The private release by Matthew_Wi was leaked! Last chance for TN-V on firmware 3.01!

    After noticing that his download got hundreds of clicks, Matthew_Wi decided that his exploit should be publicly released. Here are the details:

    These files are in no way an official release here, so do not bother anyone but me about any issues regarding the exploit. I’m releasing this also because the game is half price for a limited time. So here goes!


    Game: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin (Do not screw this up, there are two Persona 2 games on the shop, Innocent Sin is the only one that works!)
    Regions: US & EU (Sorry no Japan from me.)
    Type: TN-V
    Firmware: 3.01 or below

    Triggering the Exploit

    Simply load the provided save from the main menu.



    Again, the game is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin. It is available for $9.99 on the US and EU stores.

    You can download the savegame files for the game here: http://www.ps3news.com/forums/psp-ps...ls-128606.html

    After you download that, just use copy the files from the TN-V download page (attached below), into the same folder (to make sure you have the latest TN-V version), and transfer to your Vita (Open CMA is recommended for the transfer).

    More details on the installation process can be found on the TN-V download page, or you can also check the video below:

    It is a bit sad that Matthew_Wi’s private release were leaked. Well anyway, that’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor.

    Update: PoC: TN-V8 Running On PS Vita Firmware 3.15 from The Jay Doctor (via wololo.net/2014/05/04/poc-tn-v8-running-on-ps-vita-firmware-3-15/)

    It had to have happened sooner or later. The (in)famous Katsu recently came out with a PoC showing TN-V8 running on PS Vita firmware 3.15. Can a release be expected?

    The most complex public Vita hack to date would be PSP eCFW paired with either TN-V or ARK. Whenever a new PS Vita firmware is released, devs try to see if they can get it TN-V/ARK (ARK is no longer in development) to run in the latest firmware. A few people already have VHBL running on 3.15, and I’m pretty sure that Acid Snake ad his cronies have got some cool stuff too. But now, Katsu also has got his little boat sailing down the river.

    When you think of Katsu (or at least when I do) the software realm is not where I think of his hacking. I think of his hardware accomplishments. After a little disagreement with the scene surrounding his HDMI out hack (honestly, I don’t care about any of your opinions on this so please don’t state them in the comments) Katsu went away and then came back with some really good stuff, this time software hacking.

    Katsu had made a PoC Youtube video, showing that it is indeed possible to run TN-V on PS Vita firmware 3.15. The odd thing, as it seems always happens whenever Katsu releases a video of this sort, it is either made private, or taken down. because of this, I have no video proof to show, but I trust that will believe in my words. As far as I know, a release, if it will happen, will not happen soon.

    Two things for you guys to be aware of:
    • There is a VHBL ninja release coming up. It is Japan only, but if you want to be involved, go create an account on /talk.
    • TheASHfire06 is hosting a PS Vita Borderlands 2 Bundle giveaway. There are only a few days left, but go ahead and give winning a shot here (gleam.io/Qnulz-WiiTHE).

    That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor.

    Update #2: Total Noob Announces TN-V9 And a New Plugin PEOPS

    Is it my second, my third or even my fourth comeback? I used to leave the scene often, but I had never got a good reason if I am honest... I hadn't got time or I just got bored.

    But this time, something sad had happened in my family and I thought I wouldn't have enough strength to work for the scene, so I decided to leave you with the last update TN-V8.

    I have been in a hole in my life for a short time, but I was stronger than I thought and I could climb up the hole and here I am again. And as usually, every time I came back I also brought something great to you guys.

    What can it be this time, heh? PS1 games with sound. I have to admit, I was wrong with my statement about the PEOPS SPU plugin. I used to say that it is going to run at 5 FPS and this is completely wrong, it was a stupid thesis.

    You all have surely heard about the 'PEOPS plugin' by Coldbird. This is the most brilliant idea ever guys. Here is his proof of concept 2 years ago.

    The main idea of PEOPS SPU plugin is simple:

    As the ME CPU isn't emulated in the PSPEMU, which is responsible for SPU emulation, we have to redirect the SPU calls (register write, DMA, XA processing) to the PEOPS SPU plugin and let it do the job for us. It sounds pretty simple, but the problem is, we have to find these callbacks in the pops module by Sony, which is pretty huge! It requires reverse engineering skills, experience and time.

    Coldbird has given me his POC a long time ago, but sadly I could never have his plugin working.
    Two weeks ago, I decided to write the plugin on my own and now I've nearly finished it. Most of the time I spent with reversing parts of the pops module, because primarily, the module must be understood, before any custom codes can be inject.

    Anyways, I don't think you're interested in what I am blabbering here. So I show you a video now, just watch and listen carefully to the beautiful sound in Tekken 3. Enjoy:

    I know, I know, it's awesome. But still there are quiet some bugs to fix. There are many games which don't have any sound effects yet or some sounds do always repeat (which sounds quiet funny haha )

    But whenever it is done, the PEOPS SPU plugin will get shipped together with 6.60 TN-V9. If you're interested in how the PEOPS SPU plugin looks like, check this impressive work out here: pbernert.com/html/spu.htm

    Video: TN-V v8 eCFW for PS Vita by Total_Noob is Now Available

    More PlayStation Vita News...
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    PSPLink (not USB) 2.0 Final Fix for 6.60 (TN-V) by 173210

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    I saw this today. I'm glad I had time to get this game.. Does anyone know if it is still available on psn?

    Also from 173210 (via wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?p=343679#p343679) comes PSPLink 2.0 (not usb) Final for 6.60 (TN-V) with details below, as follows:

    Download: [Register or Login to view links]

    Source code: github.com/173210/psplink

    How to use it:

    1. Copy psplink directory to ms0:/PSP/GAME
    2. Launch PSPLink. It will show the IP address and the port.
    3. Open command prompt and type the following command:
    telnet <IP address> <port>
    4. Enjoy!

    If the string you type don't show on your command prompt, type Ctrl+] and the following command:
    set localecho
    After that, type enter to back.

    Finally, in related PS Vita news below is a Music.prx and videos for TN-V 6.60 by ErikPshat as follows:

    Download: P_MP3.ZIP / [Register or Login to view links]

    Music.prx for TN-V 6.60 by ErikPshat

    Made by Cpasjuste, ported by ErikPshat. Supported formats: mp3, at3, aa3, oma, omg

    Info: This is plugin for playing music that is stored on your memory card in XMB, games, homebrews, and in POPS. The original music.prx was complied directly for 3.02 ОЕ/3.52 M33-2, later ported to 3.90, anyway it was semi-compatable with 6.60 somehow, but some functionality wasn't work right. A few days ago this plugin was rebuilded and fully ported to 6.60. One of the new features is "in game mute" - now works for psp/minis games on vita/psp!

    • Some games/homebrews/pops may not work with any version of the music.prx, there is some reason for that like homebrews, that using MediaEngine (ME).
    • Most pops and games that i was tested - works just fine on vita.
    • Music file names must be only latin/roman script characters, don't use too long names too.
    • Be very careful of using music.prx with TN save state and screenshot plugins together in one time, also don't use it in XMB of TN-V.

    1. Clean release with source (linked above)
    2. Copy the P_MP3.ZIP to your exploited savedata and copy that to your Vita;
    3. When launching the exploit, hold the R trigger;
    4. Go to Plugins > Plugin Installer and install the zip; / or you can use FTP /
    5. Put music in ps vita music application like always with CMA (outside of TN-V);
    6. Start GAME/POPS/HOMEBREW and read "controls" spoiler.

    Where i can get the music for my ps1 %game_name%?
    Well, there is about ~three main formats of ps1 music.

    1. CD-DA music, you can extract wav from your iso with CDmage, then to mp3
    2. stream music files inside of game files/under archive encryption/ect.
    this one is not simple like CD-DA, sometimes easy, sometimes extremely hard to extract, actually you can record music/sound what you need with pc emu for example
    3. tracker music or PSF you can find here for example: zophar.net/music/psf.html

    Convert your psf to wav-mp3 through foobar2000.. controls (picture) - put this in your ps vita image application:

    Table with specification and details about porting this plugin [for developers]:

    Old video about old music.prx version:

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    psplink.jpg   table.png   music.prxControls.png  
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    New PlayStation Vita Exploit Games for Firmware 3.01 and 3.10 Arrive

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    Following up on his previous releases, Sony PlayStation Vita hacker Total_Noob has updated his TN-V PS Vita homebrew application with the recently released exploitable games from katsu, heleius and qwikrazor87 for 3.01 and 3.10 Firmware with details below.

    Download: PS Vita TN-V Exploit Updates

    From The Jay Doctor (via wololo.net/2014/03/27/release-new-exploit-games-for-firmwares-3-01-and-3-10/): For those of you still on PS Vita firmware 3.01, and even 3.10, there has been a big bang of events today. Six more titles were released for 3.01, and a game was re-exploited for 3.10.

    Today was a hectic day of releases. First, katsu, recently more known for his hardware hacking, released 5 different games that are exploitable on Vita firmware 3.01. Later on, a cohort of mine, heleius, released another game that is also exploitable. I would like to make it known, that qwikrazor87 was actually the one man show who exploit all 6 of these games.

    Now on to what the games actually are. Again, these will only work for those on firmware 3.01. If you don’t know how to to this, Jd8531′s guide (below) should be a big help.

    World of Pool - You are probably wondering, wasn’t this game patched in a previous update? Just like Urbanix, it was, but re-exploited again.

    Pool Hall Pro - Again this game was also patched and re-exploited. for those of you that still have the game, but updated to 3.01, you can use it again.

    Arcade Pool & Snooker - You guessed it, another game that was re-exploited. Wow.

    Arcade Airhockey & Bowling - This one is special, it not only can load up TN-V but also VHBL.

    Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest - This game is actually a new one that hasn’t before been exploited.

    Numblast/Qruton - This game is also newly exploited. The Japanese version of this game is called Qruton.

    Out of all of these games, I would recommend Numblast. Here is why, a quote from heleius:

    Numblast is the ‘Field Runners’ of 3.01, it is fast, cheap $2.99, and takes up 36mb of space. I’d recommend getting it for anyone on 3.01 it is cheap, and you just start the game and it loads directly into TN-V.

    Firmware 3.10 Exploit!

    Jikkyo Pawafuru Puro Yakyuu 2012 and PawaPuro 2012 Ketteiban - This one is for firmware 3.10. It is really cool because using the way that Sony patches exploits, this exploit is impossible to patch. The game is Japanese only, and is permanently gone from the store. It will only work for those who already have it. This exploit was made by 173210. See instructions on installation here (via wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?p=341617#p341617):

    [RELEASE][3.10/3.12]New exploit for PawaPuro 2012 Ketteiban

    A new exploit for PawaPuro: PawaPuro Pennant Exploit

    It's for 2012 and 2012 Ketteiban, not for 2013. They are no longer available.

    Description: This is a binary loader which works on Jikkyo Pawafuru Puro Yakyuu 2012 and 2012 Ketteiban.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links]

    How to use it:

    Make your exploited savedata:

    1. Download VHBL or TN-V for the first PawaPuro exploit (TN-V won't work on 3.10).
    2. Copy EXPLOIT.ARR to the backup folder(NPJH50594BK or NPJH50708BK).
    3. Push circle to start the game.
    4. Select ARRANGE(アレンジ).
    5. Select 読み込む(Load).
    6. Push circle and select EXPLOIT.ARR.
    7. Select はい(Yes).
    8. Push cross 3 times to back to the menu.
    9. Select PENNANT(ペナント)
    10. Select はじめから(New game).
    11. Select 変更する(Change).
    12. Select a team.
    13. Select the exploited team.
    14. Push cross to back and select OK.
    15. Select the exploited team.
    16. Select OK 4 times.
    17. Select はい(Yes).
    18. Push START to skip and push circle to continue.
    19. Select システム(System).
    20. Select セーブ(Save).
    21. Save your exploited savedata. You can push cross to back to the pennant menu.

    Execute the binary loader:

    1. Show the pennant menu.
    2. Select 試合へ(Game).
    3. Push circle twice to continue.
    4. The binary loader will be executed. Enjoy!

    About the "arranged data"

    EXPLOIT.ARR is not savedata. It makes it impossible to patch the exploit with Sony's usual way.

    Downloads and installation:

    Once you have these files, you will need to put the TN-V core files into the savedata folder, and copy to your PS Vita with OpenCMA. If you already have OpenCMA, you will have to delete the files, update the official CMA, and reapply the OpenCMA files.

    Let’s summarize:
    • Get the TNV Loader (exploit) matching your game on our dedicated download page
    • Get the TN-V Core files and copy them to your exploit savedata folder
    • Copy the exploit to your Vita using OpenCMA


    I’m on Firmware 3.10, will any of these 3.01 exploit work for me? Can I downgrade to 3.01?

    No, and No. But the pawapro exploit above (JP only) will work on 3.10!

    How to buy the games without having to update, if I’m on Firmware 3.01?

    Follow this guide from Jd8531 (via wololo.net/2013/04/17/lower-ps-vita-firmwares-for-dummies/):

    Lower PS Vita Firmwares for Dummies

    Still on a lower firmware and don’t want to update? Here is a comprehensive guide to manually updating to a firmware, activating and linking a PS Vita, getting exploits after they’re pulled, copying content and more!

    Just like the popular “For Dummies” guides, this guide will follow in the same fashion making it easy to understand, efficient, and quick for you to learn from without getting too technical. Ill be covering a wide variety of topics and issues that can be intrinsic when being on a lower OFW on the PS Vita. Some of these tricks have been previously posted and some haven’t been posted on the blog until now. Make sure to follow each step carefully and thoroughly and you will be well on your way to owning the Vita instead of it owning you.

    (Note: Most of these use Charles Proxy, however you can also use Fiddler in the same manner.)

    Manually Updating to any firmware from a lower firmware

    Manually updating to a certain firmware from a lower one can be extremely helpful, especially if you’d like to get a certain exploit (which I describe how to do later on). This is not a way to downgrade, currently there is no such method to do so. If needed, you can grab any update backed up [Register or Login to view links] thanks to The Z.

    1. Download and install “PS3.ProxyServer.GUI
    2. Start PS3.ProxyServer.GUI and Type in your PC’s IP then select “PSP Mode” and click Start..
    3. Click the Logs Tab, Then on your Vita Go to WiFi Settings and enter your PC’s IP for the Proxy.
    4. Go to System Update and click “Update Using Wi-Fi”.. It will show the Latest Version then click “Next” and “Yes” Then “Do Not Accept” and “Yes”.. This will give you the Link to the PUP file it will download and install..
    5. Copy this link from the Logs screen and click “Replace File” Tab.. Past that link on the left side. On the Right side click the Little button and select the PUP file you want to install.
    6. Now click the “Logs” Tab again and click “Update Using Wi-Fi” and make sure in the “Logs” Tab is says that the files has been Redirected to a local file.
    7. Done you can update to any Version you want.. (You can not downgrade this way)

    Using Content Manager on a lower firmware and without an internet connection

    The official CMA (Content Manager Assistant) for the computer from Sony doesn’t allow you to use it on a lower firmware or without internet thus blocking you from being able to copy content to your Vita. In addition it also contacts Sony’s servers exchanging information about you which pretty much invades your privacy. Most of you by now should be aware of the solution to this, Open CMA.

    So what exactly is Open CMA? Open CMA is the same as the official Sony version but modified, so that you can copy files without any internet connection unlike the official Sony CMA which requires a constant internet connection to the Sony Servers. It will also not sneak a patch or do a forced firmware update on your device if one comes out and it will not send any data to Sony or their servers about whats being copied, edited, and transferred. Open CMA also does not collect data regarding crashes.

    So to install Open CMA, you’ll need to first download it, there are two versions to compensate for a block that Sony incorporated in earlier firmwares. (Note: Open CMA is right now for PC only, but will be posted for Linux and OSX soon.)

    As of Vita firmware 2.10 if you already had Open CMA 5 you’ll need to download the latest Official CMA client from Sony and then reinstall the Open CMA patch.

    Transferring content/ Obtaining Exploits (that are back on PSN) and transferring (PS3 Required)

    Now here is something a lot of people are unaware of; you can download exploits that were taken off PSN and put back up later and use it as long as your Vita is on the right firmware. So this is extremely helpful if you happen to buy a new Vita, miss the exploit release or happen to accidentally delete the exploitable game while it was pulled.

    Below is the method and a chart containing the exploits, their respective firmwares, if they’re on PSN and if they’re either Usermode or Kernel exploits. Note that a kernel exploit IF released can be ported to older usermode exploits in most cases.

    • Usermode>VHBL>Limited access so Homebrew/Emulators ONLY (No PSX either)
    • Kernel exploit>CustomEmulatorFirmwares (TN-C,TN-V, ARK)>PSP backups, PSX games, Plugins, homebrew ect.
    • VitaExploitChart

    Getting a exploit game (or any other content) on to your Vita via OpenCMA PS3 trick

    1. Look in the Playstation Store for an exploit game (or other content) that is working on your OFW.
    2. Download it to your PS3 and leave it in the bubble.
    3. Connect your PS Vita with your PC via Open CMA.
    4. Remove the Vitas USB cable and plug it on to your PS3 (Leave the usb still plugged into the port thats on the Vita.) (Dont close out the error message if you get one, until its plugged into the PS3)
    5. Copy exploit game (or other content) on to your Vita.

    Activating and Linking a PS Vita (PS3 Required)

    This is a highly unknown trick and can save you a lot of trouble and stress. This trick is especially useful if you happen to reset your Vita or buy a new one. If you need to just activate, follow and skip to part 2 (however if that doesnt work for some reason try redoing it but by following both parts.)

    Part 1 (Linking your PSN account)

    1. Power off your Vita completely
    2. Push and hold the PS Logo Button + the R shoulder Button + the Power Button. Hold them for a few seconds, till the screen goes on and the recovery menu appears.
    3. Select option 4. Restore the PS Vita System.
    4. Wait till the Vita boots up again and follow the instructions till it asks you if you would like to link you’re Vita with you’re PSN Account. Do this now because it’s the only way to avoid the update.

    Part 2 (Activating your PSVita)

    1. To activate you simply need to download any game that you’ve bought previously (or get a new one) with the PSN account thats tied to your Vita on the PS3.

    2. Transfer said game over to your Playstation Vita and install it. Launching the game will then activate your Vita with your account.

    Netflix on a lower firmware

    Netflix is not available to you on lower firmwares and will ask you to update, but luckily I have an easy-to-use method to get around that barrier by blocking certain domains. You’ll need a computer to do this.

    1. You have to have Charles installed first. Start it up, and route your internet Vita traffic to it. This is done by setting your proxy in the vita to the IP address of your computer Charles is running on. It would be something like (though this only works on your local network, unless you do port forwarding, ect). Then you set the port, 8888.

    2. Now, you can navigate to the Netflix app and start it up.

    3. You should see items popping up on Charles. Right click and blacklist at least “[Register or Login to view links] (though I did every viable non-Netflix url.)

    4. Then run Netflix again, and it works. Next time you try to log into Netflix, the Vita will think Sony’s servers are down and will give you an error (NW-10743-5) which is fine, just hit OK and login! Simple as that!

    If you want some extra protection against Sony you could also blacklist these as well, which are active while using Netflix.

    Thats the end of the guide everyone. Hopefully this helps everyone new or experienced and will help take care of any questions.

    That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. I hope that all of you who didn’t have the chance to get TN-V before, get it now.

    Update from The Z (via wololo.net/2014/04/02/ps-vita-half-byte-loader-for-firmware-3-10-3-12-available/): PS Vita Half Byte Loader for Firmware 3.10 & 3.12 available!

    Download: Half Byte Loader r173 for FW 3.12 (Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban) (VHBL-312-PawaPuro-R173-JP-Only.zip)

    A few days ago, Sony released the firmwares 3.10 and 3.12 which both fixed the vulnerabilities in the previous firmware, that allowed the execution of the TN-V eCFW via various exploit game titles.

    Since kernel mode exploits are rare and scarce, it should be obvious that there won’t be a working TN-V eCFW release for said new firmwares anytime soon.

    This brings us back to our old Half Byte Loader, which is indeed still working at firmware 3.10 & 3.12, as long as you own the right game from the right PSN store.

    Some months ago, we blogged about the PawaPuro exploit (Jikkyu Powerful Pro Yakyu 2012 Ketteiban) for the PS Vita firmware 2.61, which happened to be a rather expensive exploit, which was only available at the japanese PSN store.

    Why I am mentioning this specific exploit, you might ask yourself, well, the developer 173210 found yet another way to exploit said game, which enables you to run the PS Vita Half Byte Loader at the new firmwares 3.10 and 3.12. We’ve mentioned this new exploit before, but we thought you’d love some additional videos and “how to”.

    It is a rather long instruction, which tells you how exactly you are able to launch the VHBL.

    After these good news, we still have a bad one for you, which is that the exploit game is not available at the Japanese Store anymore, and will never return to it.

    It is a special game, that gets a new release every year. If a new version is released, the old one gets removed and you are not able to buy it anymore.
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    TN-V 9.7 for PS Vita by Total_Noob Arrives, Increases PS1 Support

    Following up on his previous releases, today Sony PlayStation Vita hacker Total_Noob released TN-V v9.7 for PS Vita which increases support for the PS1 POPS Plugin as outlined below.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

    Total_Noob has just released TN-V9.7 for lower firmware, which fixes some issues with PEOPS SPU plugin. The PS1 games I have tested on TN-V9.7 all work and you may see some improvements. I would try to mess with the SPU thread priority options to see if your favorite PS1 game will get any better results.

    You can check out are PS1 compatible list of games. Download the newest revision directly on your PS Vita via the ‘System Update’ option on the XMB in TN-V or grab the files here (linked above) and thanks to SebasRTorron for putting together the super TN-V 9.7 game exploit pack you can download here (linked above).

    Changelog TN-V9.7:
    • Added CDDA support for PEOPS SPU plugin -> enhanced PS1
    • Added in-XMB recovery menu.
    • Fixed freeze in many PSP games.

    TN-V9 PS1 Sound Compatible List (via hackinformer.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=59&pid=231#pid231)
    PS One games tested on TN-V9
    Games that work:
    Armored Core
    Breath of Fire III
    Breath of Fire IV
    Castlevania symphony of the night (New to the list)
    Capcom vs snk pro
    Digimon World
    Dragonballz ultimate 22
    Dino Crisis 2
    Disney's 101 Dalmatians II - Patch's London Adventure
    Finial Fantasy 5
    Incredible hulk the pahtheon saga- Just no background music. All sounds FX work. 100% playable
    Ironman & X-O Manowar in Heavy metal
    King of fighters99
    Legacy of Kain
    Lunar Silver Star: Story Complete making of the disc’s
    Moto racer- only sound fx, 100 playable. no background music. (New to the list)
    Mortal Kombat 4
    Mega Man X 6
    Marvel vs Capcom
    StarWar Master of Teras Kasi
    Street fighter EX2
    Street Fight EX 1
    StarWars Jedi power battles
    Street fight apha 1 Just no background music. All sounds FX work. 100% playable..
    Tekken 2
    Tekken 3
    Wild arms
    Games that run slow, and/or have choppy sound:
    Chrono Cross- Game run very slow and sound is choppy
    Chrono Trigger- Sounds is a little choppy. Game play is smooth.
    Dragonball GT- Movie intro plays with sound fine. The game slows down & sound is very choppy
    Evil Dead - Hail to the King- Movie intro plays with sound fine but no sound in game play
    Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy- Sound is choppy. Game play is smooth.
    Inuyasha - A Feudal Fairy Tale- Voice audio is very choppy. Sounds FX are good and Game speed not affected. It’s playable..
    Legend of Legaia- Sound is choppy. Game play is smooth
    Lilo & Stitch- sound is choppy. Game speed is a little slow.
    Medievil– Just Voice audio is Choppy. Sounds FX are good and game speed is not affected. It’s playable..
    Resident evil- Just Voice Audio is Choppy. Sounds FX are good and game speed is not affected.
    Resident evil 3- sound is choppy. Game speed is a little slow.
    Spyhon filter 2- Movie intro plays with sound fine. Just Voice audio is very choppy. Sounds FX are good and Game speed not affected.
    Spyhon filter 3 - Movie intro plays with sound fine. Just Voice audio is very choppy. Sounds FX are good and Game speed not affected.
    Soul Reaver- Game runs slow and audio is very choppy.
    Spiderman 2- Sounds is choppy. Game play is smooth
    Tomba 2– Sound is choppy. Game play is smooth
    Tenchi 2- Just Voice audio is very choppy. Game play is smooth.
    Tai Fu- Choppy sound and game play is slow.
    Tony Hawk 3- Choppy sound, Game play is smooth.
    Twisted Metal 4- Sound is weak. Sounds FX are off but Game speed not affected.
    Vampire Hunter- Movie intro plays with sound fine. Just Voice audio is very choppy. Sounds FX are good and Game speed not affected. It’s playable..
    Games that just have white noise:
    Tomb Raider 2 – Movie intro plays with sound fine. The rest of the game is just white noise
    Twisted Metal- whole game is just white noise
    Destruction Derby- whole game is just white noise
    Games that lock-up:
    Apocalypse- Locks up right after PlayStation logo boots up. Cannot exit to xmb.
    Dino Crisis- Locks up right after PlayStation logo boots up. Cannot exit to xmb.
    Dragonballz legends- locks ups in beginning of gameplay
    Donald Duck going quackers- Locks up right after intro.. Cannot exit to xmb.
    Spider-man- locks up right after PlayStation logo boots up. Cannot exit to xmb.
    Persona 2 - Eternal Punishment- - Locks up right after PlayStation logo boots up. Cannot exit to xmb.
    TN-V 9.7 for PS Vita by Total_Noob Arrives, Increases PS1 Support

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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