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    Contributor b0nd18t's Avatar
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    gamestop has it now. I am waiting for what firmware it requires before I go grab myself a copy.

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    Contributor carapalida's Avatar
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    i have done some reading on this socom game beta... i know the online doesn't work anymore for the beta version, but is the beta version playable in regular mode? i mean... so i can check out the game to see how it is? i tried playing the beta iso on my psp and it frooze. not sure if it was a bad dump or the beta iso doesn't even work... is the beta game playable (not online)?

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    Senior Member PSPSwampy's Avatar
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    Hi carapalida,

    No - the beta is no longer usable at all (unless one of the servers pops up again unexpected like)

    The beta version was ON-LINE only - so, again No you can't play it in "Standard" mode, because standard mode is on-line!

    Annoying ain't it!

    (still waiting for the UK to catch up on the release dates)

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    Hello again,

    It seems that SOCOM beta, although completly unplayable now, is useful for enabling single player mode on the released version of SOCOM by ripping out the beta's PRX files and using them in the full version. (check the news etc for more details)


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    Problems listening to people in SOCOM online

    Hi everybody. I have been playing socom online for some days already, and now i realise that i cannoty heard the pople's conversations when they speak through the earphones. I have been looking for information about it, and i discovered is something about some ports that i have to forward in my router, but i dont know exactly which ones.....

    does anyone know about more information about this subject?


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    A quick search on google (search = "PSP SOCOM Port forward") reveals that you need to forward the following ports to your PSP:-
    6000 to 7000 (TCP & UDP)
    10070 to 10080 (UDP)

    As to how exactly you do this, well that's a tricky one because it really depends on which modem/router you are using - best suggestion i can make is to look at your manual - or google for your modem model and port forwarding.

    Hope this helps ya,


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    Thanks, that was the information i was looking for exactly

    Thanks to you for finding the answer, and to the one that moved my question to the original SOCOM thread

    Thanks again

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