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    Rumor: PSP2 Official Picture Leaked, Sony Reveal on January 27

    Since the previous PSP2 Dev Kit picture leak, Kotaku (linked above) has now posted what may be the first leaked official retail picture of Sony's PSP2 handheld console while reports that Sony will reveal the PSP2 on January 27th in Tokyo.

    To quote: This art work surfaced online today on 2CH, Japan's largest online forum.

    The photo features a handheld believed to be the PSP2, which has a PSPgo style sliding shell. There is a 32 GB SD memory card as well, plus a "PSP2" Memory Stick. There is a long, thin stylus as well. According to Japan's Nikkei newspaper, the PSP2 will have a touch screen.

    Unlike the current PSP, there are two analog nubs, giving this handheld a controller layout similar to the PS3.

    What is fishy about the picture is that it appears to be a photograph of a handout of some kind. While handouts may be present at the January 27 press conference, it's also a good way for a Photoshopper to hide their work, as it masks any differences in resolution you'd be able to detect in an online image.

    Going by the codename VITA, PSP2 has been in the hands of developers for at least a year.

    Rumor: PSP2 Official Picture Leaked, Sony Reveal on January 27

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    WoW, design looks awesome, and pretty impressive! i hope this is final retail PSP2.

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    It certainly does! I'm not too crazy about the touch screen for gaming, but I guess they had to do it to be competitive with the DS and 3DS.

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    Post Pretty Excited!

    this looks insane, no dought i'm definitely buying the psp2 no matter if this is the final results or not, they did not mention anything about a camera though which was said on another rumor posted a while back.

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    Please tell me this a joke!

    Absolutely grotesque. IF this is the final layout, which I hope to G-d it's not, Sony should fire their design team.

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    Looks beautiful, very looking forward to grabbing this!

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    i'd like to see how big or small it is in relation to a person's hands. i really like the size of the original psp form factor (1000, 2000, 3000) compared to the smaller go. also, with my pretty big umd collection i'd like to see another newer version of the psp that still uses umds.

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    Is it me... or does the buttons and analog sticks look like they're part of a sticker?

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    I hope the size is similar to the PSP go, since the older versions of psps were too bulky, and I was getting tire after a while using the analog stick.

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    This has been already thought as fake, the buttons are misaligned and out of proportion. Nubs are 100% same, copy paste job from another nub. Looks like the photoshopper took PSP Phone and edited the picture, same shadow and metallic glare on the buttons.


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