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    Quote Originally Posted by wty4ka
    thanks for the hel,p but i have given up with that now.. another note

    The new 3.50 does not automatically recognize game data like 3.02 used to, as soon as you used to add the files i have to add the files then click the open button then click cancel and then it recognizes the files i have added.

    This isn't a bug. It was a programming decision - the old version used to check every file dropped against certain parameters and if it matched then call the display icon / read param.sfo file. At the moment we are trying to create a solid program with stable & reliable code and decided, for now, to skip this check routine. No doubt though, at some point, it will re-appear once we have what we are setting out to achieve.

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    i already know how to dump games and rebuild up...the thing is ... what format is less memory usage?... -iso-dax-cso- ?

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    Why don't you try to make a game in to all off the 3 formats so you know?

    .dax uses less memory
    .cso is a biger the a .dax
    and iso is bigger the .dax and .cso

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    how do u extract the iso from the gta mod coz i new at this stuff

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    Check the other threads here (such as THIS one) and they will tell you to search the PSP Chat Forum for that info... not the UMDGen section as dumping PSP iSOs has nothing to do with UMDGen.


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