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    Angry Puzzle Bubble with 1.0?

    Has anyone comfirmed this to work i browser serveral topic on the forums and well didn't get any luck so sorry if am posting something to fix this issue. Anyways even after my first atempt to the loaders which i never bother tryinging until recenlty works perfect for me i have dumped lummines and loaded it with wab 2.5.

    Now i got puzzle bubble which is pissing me of and worst yet i don't even wish to play this game my g/f does. Even if i patch it or what not still does the same thing. I have used both wab 2.5 and a puzzle bubble loader. And everytime it runs it goes to please wait... (puzzle bubble loading screen) and from there it's dead well if i do press start menu on the psp it can quit and go back home. But i don't get it why won't it run. I have version 1.0 bios. So if anyone can help or has gotten this to work for 1.0 please reply to me. Btw am new here and this community looks fun so i'll be a sticky.

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    I'm with you, i tryed many times with differents loaders and i never got Puzzle bubble to work on my 1.0 psp, it always hang at LOADING screen, i think it's a kernel issue, let's wait our psp version kernel patch (claimed to be out soon).