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Thread: PSP web browser

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    PSP web browser

    Korean PSP Value Pack include Web browser disc, so
    I try to find out how it does work.

    here is some results.

    auth-server (encrypted)

    psp sent some encrypted data(maybe within serial) like
    x\x84R\xc1P\x8f\x97|X\xabYw\xa9zk\x93mUbwR\xa5fRT\ xa3\x96
    blahblah~ to auth-server.

    I traced BIND9 server log. but i found call auth-server part only.
    it means content-part is ip-based. i think.

    P.S:independent vod&mod player included in UMD.
    but it must be launch through web browser now.

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    wait... they make a web browser UMD now? when is the US ver coming out?

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    I believe it's only for the Korean one (at least, for now)... as the site linked in THIS news post stated.