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    PSP USB & Power Cable

    I've had one of the cables now for some time and decided to bring it to work to use with my PSP and Dock. Needless to say the USB cable will not work. Power side does, but when the USB cable is plugged in I get a USB Unknown Device error. I'm using this on a DELL GX270 so I decided to try on my co-workers machine, same problem, same machine model. Took the cable home, and it still works on my systems at home (Thinkpad 600x, Athlon64/Abit Fatal1ty). Just tried my plain Belkin USB cable I have for the PSP and it works fine on the DELL GX270 so I'm thinking it has to do with Cable quality (USB/POWER cable is very thin compared to my Belkin USB only cable). Anybody else notice this issue with the PSP USB & POWER cables?

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    sounds like you might be both suffering from a low powered USB. Maybe your using a unpowered HUB or front mounted USBs. Ive noticed you dont always get enough power to these and because of this your better off running off the main USBs mounted straigh onto the board.

    If i plug in my PSP to USB hub keyboard and also have my HP 5550 in at the same time my PSP doesnt charge and will run on batteries. You could always test the volts coming from the USBs your using. Jus be careful not to short anything out, PC or PSP.

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