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    Open the case plug a cable in a slot on the mobo and that's it. NNNNiiiiccce by the way, this is huge! I hope it keeps the aspect ratio (16:9) and not miss it up (4:3) like in the pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoseGarcia
    I dunno how it will look on a TV. I have seen emulators like all of you and sometimes the screen is too big to be readable and graphics will lose their quality? For the price the guys here will tell us that i think.
    I think the resoultion will be ok if you use a standard non-HDTV TV, which doesn't have a high resolution anyway. I wonder if we can use the VD-Z3 device (which I use to connect my XBOX to my PC Monitor) in conjunction with this adapter?

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    Looks great so far.

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    i said that i didn't really see the point of a psp on a tv. lan parties over wifi (and loads of other uses) - i take it all back!


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    Looks terrible although it is a good idea. looks like you must open your psp and play with it to attach the connector piece at the bottom. I don't want that on there permanantly, and the video is all squished down to 4:3. i knew it was to good to be true. We should all start taking guesses at how much it will be when it's released. I'm gonna say around $80 probably.

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    they had better throw away the cinch connection and user a good scar (RGB) connection aswell as db15 for monitor.

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    Hot damn, those photos look great!!!

    I'm tempted to go buy a second unit right now!

    The screen re-formatting for a standard set doesn't even look that distorted.

    I hope this thing doesn't wind up costing an arm and a leg.


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    Why don't you just get a PStwo? I really don't understand the need for this product. Could someone post some real-world applications for this that are not already accomplished by the PStwo? I understand that game titles are different, but just about every game made for PSP has a PStwo counterpart.

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    PS3 Triangle Button

    Quote Originally Posted by BrettCrawford
    We should all start taking guesses at how much it will be when it's released. I'm gonna say around $80 probably.
    You are a bit low, but not too far off from the estimate they gave us... they said (although not 100% finalized yet) the retail pricing is going to be around $110-$120 US. Definitely on the high side, but for those who really want one (ie Gaming Web sites who wish to publish their own exclusive in-game screen captures) it would definitely be worth the price.

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    Well there are always hard core Darkstalkers: Chronicle players on KAI and they can finally use thier custom made joysticks. Man if had the spare change, I would get that bad boy so I can use my own controllers instead of the crappy PSP dpad.

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