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    i like the idea, looking foward to it!

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    Still trying to figure out how this is all plugging into the PSP, got the Controller Port, Video (Audio is easy) Controller might run of the remote jack beside the headphone jack, but still, how are they gonna get video out?

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    I just cant see how this could be Plug and Play.

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    it's a good idea...you could also use it to play umd movies on the tv...I only have spiderman 2 since the umds are a ripoff but someone could play them.

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    good idea, but doesn't seem like too workable...

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    I'm not going to get excited about it until I see how easy it is to install.

    It would be cool, though, to be able to run all those emulators on any TV.

    I'd like to think this is the future of gaming. You can take your game around and play it with you. When you're at home, play it off the bigger TV. When you go to your buddies house, you can have a lan party without lugging around a whole bunch of equipment. I'd like to see something like the Sega Nomad with online support and multi console linking.

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    Well, hefehef2000, similar to the GBA TV-out device, it IS plug and play, BUT, you have to open up the device and slip the TV out flat-cable into the same port as the LCD screen flat cable connects to the motherboard.

    The audio cable obviously goes into the headphone jack. So, while there's no soldering, it's still VERY VERY tricky business, and totally dangerous work for an amateur.

    Has anybody seen pictures of the puzzle of bits that an open PSP looks like?

    I'm all for a device like this, but, I'd have to buy a 2nd PSP to mess around with it, as my first unit is choc-a-bloc full of great emulation and homebrew games.


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    More pics on the docking station for the $ony PSP that allows its image to be displayed on a TV (plasma, LCD and HDTV.)
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Pic 1.jpg   Pic 2.jpg   Pic 3.jpg   Pic 4.jpg   Pic 5.jpg  

    Pic 6.jpg   Pic 7.jpg  

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    Cool dude! Those pictures are awesome! This proves that a child will have not problem attaching this device. Does it also support a wide screen mode for a regular 4:3 TV?

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    It looks like there is some sort of connector molded on the bottom of the PSP that this device has to plug into.

    It actually appears that the PSP has a whole new outer case... if you look, there is no writing on the front of the PSP and it seems to be a flat black as opposed to glossy black... sounds like it may be kind of a pain to install all this.

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