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Thread: PSP skins?

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    PS Button Color PSP skins?

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    has anyone got a psp skin yet? How are they. do they look as good as they look on the computer? I'm thinking about getting one.

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    I like mine, it looks nice and fits nice on my PSP. Others?

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    are they glossy like the regular one?

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    Yes... they are a glossy finish, not flat printed.

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    i got one that was "american cherry" wood grain... it looked real good and "woody" in hte screenshot, it just looks orange in real life. i got it from decalgirl, they have quite the selection...

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    Im happy with my carbon fibre one

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    Looks good, shame i scratched the screen badly, also i took my PSP apart to apply it perfectly - this is the best way to apply it - but dont rush like i did and get dust and crap in it and end up scratching the INSIDE of the screen

    Damn, that upset me - this weekend Ill take it apart again and polish the scratches out of the inside....

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