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    Question PSP Remote control capabilities

    I've been searching a while without great results for a way to really take advantage of the IR/Wi-Fi capabilities of my PSP.

    With the hardware configuration of the PSP allowing a high quality Wi-Fi signal, it feels like it shouldn't be too hard to make a server/client program for remote control of a Windows computer. Like a portable VNC client, if you will.

    Also the IR port should, if I'm not mistaken, make it quite easy to make the PSP emulate the functions of a normal remote control. One should be able to obtain signal libraries perhaps from the software of a multi-purpose remote controller for example the

    Is there any homebrew like this or am I just dreaming again?
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    Well for starters there are 2 different VNC apps available already and as for remote capabilities there are several that range from generic TV controll to XBOX Media Center as well as iTunes and even one for using the PSP as a PS2 remote.. I'd post links or even the names of these apps but the new rules here apparently prohibit me from doing so seeing that linking to files and other sites is restricted as is talking about apps that have not been previously posted on the front page. Unfortunately I do not know if any of these were ever reported on before so I can't name them....

    Good luck finding them. I have them all and for the most part they work OK.. DO NOT PM ME ASKING FOR THEM.
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