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    PSP Mod-able Firmware files

    ok, I've tried searching and nothing came up. So I hope its ok to make new thread about this (or move it if there is one). What I want to know is which psp firmware files can be modded and what those files function as. In other words, which files does homebrew like X-flash change to mod the fw?

    The ones I know of are:

    gameboot.pmf - a movie that loads upon running games/homebrew
    game_plugin.rco - the PSP logo label
    opening_plugin.rco - the sce logo label upon coldboot
    1 to 12.bmp - default backgrounds for xmb

    ps: i'm not sure about the rco files... it could either be label or the sounds

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    Ya, we have a Custom Firmware thread but this is OK to keep as a seperate topic... and one that is sure to interest many I'm sure.