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Weltall has updated to CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev F today. Changes:

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v0.1.9 Rev F Changelog:

- [ALL] Added support for 3.71 m33 firmware
- [ALL] added prxes for the 3.71 m33 kernel lite and full for pops and game. Also an irshell one, altough irshell is not available right now. For 1.50 homebrew use the prx for 3.52m33 and minor even if on 3.71 kernel.
- [GAME] fixed a little glitch in the function checking the code type if pointer codes were used. Now the pointer codes will work also if not alone in the db
- [ALL] Removed a delay in the manual cheat apply which resulted in the application waiting 30 seconds before letting the user gaining back control
- [ALL] Reworked operations being made just before psp reboot (eg: home menu exit). This avoided crashes during this procedure as seen in the betas for 3.71
- [PACKAGE] Added an MS_ROOT_371 for easy installation on 3.71+ firmware
- [PACKAGE] now the prx for the various firmwares are on the 3.60- and 3.71+ folders

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