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    PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v2.10 for ChickHen Released!

    Just a few days after the initial release comes PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v2.10 by Xenogears and Becus25 for PSP Slim 5.03 ChickHen.

    This program will enable the functions of M33 CFW using ChickHen except for Recovery. It also works with TA-088v3 motherboards, but it doesn't support the PSP 3000 yet.

    Download: PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v2.10 for ChickHen

    -Fixed a problem when you change settings for the plugins.
    -Fixed internal problems.
    -Fixed a problem that caused a crasheo accessing plugins and have no plugin.
    -Improved detection of release.
    -Fixed a bug in the installation of the Pops (The PRX MD5 is different in each PSP, which is why the test works, but not in the other consoles)
    -Fixed a bug not detect either a previous installation (caused that could not be installed above the new version)
    -System pops native activation.

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    here's a pops compatibility list I stumbled across.

    Thanks for the info on the update.

    now we can play some psx on the psp.

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    Smile Psp Theme

    Slightly off-topic, but I'm looking for a PSP Theme "Macintosh" for 500 M33-6.. Anybody please help?