PSOne -> PSP emulator
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    Contributor Shadow300z's Avatar
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    PS3 Cross Button PSOne -> PSP emulator

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    I was just wondering if this was being attempted? I would think it would be technically possible but pretty difficult. I'd LOVE to have FF7 and Tactics on the road.

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    Contributor mariotrev's Avatar
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    i agree its going to be very difficult and i doubt there will be one anytime soon if at all

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    Contributor Queezenorph's Avatar
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    I think we should probably work on getting our older emulators optimized before covering ground that only commercial apps have touched.

    Unfortunately CVGS and bleem! no longer exist, so there's no chance of seeing them, but maybe (just maybe) we'll eventually see EPSXE, though I doubt it. Until then, let's work on getting our SEGA Genesis and SNES Emulators up to speed.

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    i agree we should focus on optimizing what we have now and on emulating more realistic consoles before even considering the psx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow300z
    I'd LOVE to have FF7 and Tactics on the road.
    That's a lot of MS real-estate being hogged. Each FF7 disc is at least 600 megs. It's gonna be WAY cheaper just to emulate FF6 (which was a better game anyways) and buy a Gameboy Advance for your Tactics fix.

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    Tactics was much better on PS than GBA (which you could emulate anyway.) It might be possible to have the emulator read .isos in zip format, which would be great.

    Either way I agree that at the very least a smooth SNES/Genesis emulator is needed.

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    One of $ony's Tactics to get developers interested in psp were demos of ported PSX games to the system $ony explained that ports would be very simple to produce. EX: capcom is porting PSX breath of fire III to psp. I'd like to compare the psp and PSX versions and see just whats different. The system might be capable of PSX emulation already to an extent as hinted by $ony. I think an SDK would help though

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    haha yeah we been salivating for FFVII for the psp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninkul
    Square should just plain ol' port FFVII to PSP, i mean really... how many people here would get it?
    If this dream will come true, i will preorder it right now

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    FF7 now on your PSP. Play Cloud through the this fantastic story set in the town of midgar.....

    Once I see the ad I'm good to go.

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