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Following up on the recent PS Vita Exploit Games for Firmware 3.01 and 3.10, this weekend PlayStation Vita developer iAmGhost made available an alternative to the Charles Proxy Trick dubbed VitaUpdateBlocker for PS Vita homebrew users followed by v1.1 and v1.2 with details below.

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To quote: I felt that Charles Proxy Trick is useful but little bit complicated, so I wrote this small application. This application does what Charles Proxy Trick does but without hassle.

Also this is Python based cross-platform application so you can even install this application to 24/7 running server to access PSN anywhere.

Portable Version:

You can get portable executable for Windows here:

Download: [Register or Login to view links]


If you're having problem with downloading large files at PSN, follow these steps:
  • Open Store application with proxy setting.
  • When store main loads, go settings application and disable proxy without killing Store app.
  • Back to Store app and download files.


To use VitaUpdateBlocker you need these requirements (portable version users can ignore this)
  • Python 2.7.6 (Python 3 is not supported due to compatibility with mitmproxy)
  • mitmproxy (mitmproxy.org)

Finally, from Smoke: I got a bug for you:

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Edit: This fixed it:

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  • Start vita_update_blocker.exe (or python vita_update_blocker.py)
  • Open Settings app on your Vita, Go to Network-Wi-Fi Setting-AP Name-Advances Settings.
  • Change proxy settings to iport that shown on VitaUpdateBlocker.
  • Save settings and open PS Store application.
  • You'll see front page of store, go Settings app again and disable proxy.
  • Download contents from store or play games online.

  • --port <PORT>: customize port, default is
  • --block-traffics: blocks all traffics except for update information. This will be useful if you're going to make public server.

Changelog v1.1:

For old version users: VitaUpdateBlocker is updated to v1.1, which fixes online gaming, friend list, and more. See github page for new download link and instructions.

PS VitaUpdateBlocker - Alternative to Charles Proxy Trick by IAmGhost

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