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Sega details the two ways of getting the demo for Phantasy Star Portable, a demo UMD will be distributed through [Register or Login to view links] in Japan while the rest of regions can grab it from the [Register or Login to view links].

As reported earlier, Sega is pretty generous with the demo, you can play the whole of the first chapter and five missions from the multiplayer mode. As a result, it's 301Mb in size and the usual way of distributing demos via "Browser" or website just isn't reliable enough. The date to remember for this is July 14th.

On the other hand, the game's [Register or Login to view links] gets some updates following the Weekly Famitsu report. There are more characters introduced, a [Register or Login to view links] and finally something Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G fans will be really familiar with, downloadable missions are being planned in future.

Phantasy Star Portable Demo Details, DLC Planned

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