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    Unhappy Ok question about the boot.bin

    So what exactly is it? Is it the extracted image from the UMD? bc im not really sure how to work those ppf files from the ppf patch collection. thanks if anyone can help

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    When you extract the entire image of a PSP game dump, then the BOOT.BIN is located in the PSP_GAME/USRDIR/ of them all... so just use the PPF Patch with PPF-O-MATiC to patch it to allow for playing from the MS instead of from UMD. To patch it, in PPF-O-MATiC click on the disk icon to the right of "ISO File" and browse to your BOOT.BIN file, and then do the same for the "Patch" disk icon browsing to the included PPF Patch file for that game. Then click "Apply" and it should let ya know it patched successfully if all goes well.