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May 7, 2007 - Things are starting to heat up over in Japan in anticipation of this weekend's Square Enix Party, and the first major announcement is, surprisingly, for the PSP! Square Enix opened up a teaser page for Final Fantasy Dissidia, a PSP game that the company's official website lists as being part of the FF series' 20th anniversary (a series that also includes PSP remakes of the first two Final Fantasy games).

The teaser page provides few actual details on the game, aside from a logo and a copyright notice indicating that Tetsuya Nomura is a character designer for the title. The game may not be an RPG, as its genre is listed as "Dramatic Progressive Action." A Japanese release date is marked as TBA.

Aside from that, Final Fantasy fans will have to let their imaginations run wild with catch phrases like "Fantasy is endless" and "Fanatsy has no limited form" as we wait for further information, which is promised for this weekend's event. For now, check out [Register or Login to view links] to see the teaser flash animation for yourself.

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