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    the iriver should have a cable that you can use I think, if its got OTG support then yes you should be able to. I would check more into the OTG spec for the h320 with iriver (fire off a quick email) My otg device uses either a standard A to mini B cable or a mini A to A extension socket so I guess to connect to the PSP u would need both types of cable.

    Going something like this: PSP<mini B----A><A Extension-------mini A>H320

    You are basically turning ur Iriver into a PC (as far as the USB host/client side of things goes). But check with Iriver, it could be that you can use a Mini A to Mini A but I doubt it unless the iriver has some funky circuitry to flip a couple of wires.

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    hey keep up with the usbhostfs on ipod idea.. this will happen soon. it will be a day when the PSP has officially crossed the threshold, and will be a huge breakthrough. one way or another usbhostfs code will be written. apple ipod and sony psp and microsoft xp. woah.

    anyone have any news on dev?

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    Hope this idea is not forgotten. The potential and convenience of using the iPod as a harddrive for the PSP is incredible..

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    Its too big to forget (unless ur a n00b at this)

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    Ok, I've got the source code for usbhostfs. It all seems pretty straightforward. The code uses socket protocols that would most likely need to be rewritten, but from the looks of it so far it's written primarily for a linux environment. As it calls a dll used to run linux coded apps in windows. I'll be sure to look into this further.

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    So r u doing this on iRiver or iPod?

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    I think what would be a useful thing for someone to look into would be the iriver or other OTG device protocols and see if a 'hostless' USB PSP-side app/plugin could be written.

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    I'm followin several discussions on this matter. Looks like linux for iPod should be the answer. This thing is, there are no usb drivers working 100% for linux for iPod. God, This made true would be something!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewok666 View Post
    Had a think about this (not that I'm a developer of any kind) BUT the next question would be about battery life of the ipod. Obviously it would have to keep the disk spinning for this to work......and I doubt you'd get more than 2 hours out of it with the disc always on.

    What might be easier to do and would be a better for the battery is a file manager app that can connect to a usb drive so you can download new iso's to the Duo while you're on the move. In combination with a fast stick this should be fairly quick and you'd get much more out of the battery!
    Remember that Ipod has by itself 12hours of battery life... but when you connect it to your pc, it try to charge getting power from the usb port of your pc...

    So... if anyone develops a usb host driver for psp (i.e. mount the ipod as drive) it could try to get power from the psp's battery...

    Really I don't get worried about iPod's battery life(12hrs, no EQ, no backlight)... I get worried about PSP's battery life (6hrs, low volume, low brightness)

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    Guys, without modification, is the PSP capable of being a host device? Must be surely? Or will that support be added when they bring out the gps and camera devices?

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