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April 25, 2007 - God of War fans unleashed the fire of Hades this morning and stormed the internet to request a free demo of the upcoming PSP game [Register or Login to view links] and to see a 38-second trailer for the game.

On the official Sony site, PlayStation Underground members can [Register or Login to view links] for their free UMD demo of the game -- while supplies last -- and a quick YouTube search brings up [Register or Login to view links].

In the trailer -- narrated by the farmiliar Gaia -- Kratos is shown hacking and slashing a slew of enemies with his familiar move set and described as a mortal "who in his servitude to Olympus would one day confront the humanity he had lost on the day his dark legend was born."

Kratos then stabs the crap out of some dinosaur/lizard creature as he falls into a pit. Awesome.

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This game looks AWESOME!

We'll have more news on God of War: Chains of Olympus as it becomes available.

Thanks to [Register or Login to view links] for sharing the news with us!