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    Game could not start error

    Hi all,

    need some help here.. got my 1 gig MS and did everything as per instruction but all my PSPS dumps still could not load...

    My error message is "The game could not be started (80020130)"

    I have a version 1.0 psp. Copy psp_game to root of MS.
    Copy both loaders folder (with and without the %) to the /psp/game dir

    Still cannot... anything I missed out?

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    u need to patch the boot.bin file, and depending on what loader u might also need to move the prx files.

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    the version with 2 folders, one with the % and one without is only for version 1.5 not 1.0

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    Indeed GFord is absolutly correct, the files that you copied are for the V1.5 firmware and not the V1.0, they will not work on your V1.0.

    That said please be aware that there are a few games that refuse to load on the V1.0 firmware but do load on the V1.5, personally I would recommend that you upgrade to the V1.5 firmware as most releases of any homebrew applications are more geared to the V1.5 as it is the most common.

    You dont have anything to loose by upgrading, infact you would be gaining compatibility if anything, the only "downside" would be that you would have the corrupted data icons appear in your list, although they can be hidden easily enough using the

    If you do decide to upgrade make sure that you only upgrade to V1.5 and not anything more. ^~^; And your loader should boot up.

    If you decide to stick with V1.0 you will need to find a copy of the loader for the V1.0 firmware that will just include one folder without a %.

    If you still have problems after all this then post back here with more details such as the name of the game, release name of the loader and any error messages incured and I'll try and give more detailed help.