Uberjack updated fMSX PSP today, an MSX series emulator for the PSP that supports both MSX and MSX2 cartridge files.

Download: http://psp.akop.org/download/fmsx-3.4.5.zip / http://psp.akop.org/download/fmsx-3.4.5-1.0.zip

Version 3.4.5 Changelog:

* MSXMUSIC and MSXAUDIO emulation can now be toggled on and off at any time
* FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) activity indicator - displays an icon whenever the virtual floppy drive is busy
* Optional (and discouraged) hi-resolution renderer for screen modes 6, 7 and text-80

fMSX PSP v3.4.5 released!

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