Create custom SND.AT3 and WAD files?
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    Senior Member PSPSwampy's Avatar
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    Create custom SND.AT3 and WAD files?

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    I've been searching for a while looking into converting MP3 or WAV etc into the PSP AT3 format, but cannot find anything helpful.

    Has ANYONE actually managed to do this?

    (I read that AT3 is ATAC-3 + format, but i have also read that this is NOT the case for the PSP)

    I've tried converting using SONICSTAGE - someone mentioned it on another forum as being the util that converts to ATAC formats ATAC3 and ATAC3PLUS - which it DOES, but this converts to .OMA format, which even if you rename it(!!) is still NOT AT3.

    Basically - i want to find a converter so i can make really cool KXploit type game boots! with sound and everything!

    Any help, greatfully received!


    PS. Off topic, but hey (it's MY topic! rofl)...
    Have you seen the topic about removing the "Currupted Data" icons for v1.5 with the exploit - see it HERE

    Don't know if anyone is interested? (it's easy to do!) but i'm writting a little VB script (.vbs) to do this for me automatically - if anyone's interested i'll post the VBS text in a new topic once i'm done so you can copy it!

    Edit: If you're interested - VBS code added to the end of THIS Topic (never said it would be particularly fantastic, but it does the job)!
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    Contributor adam12's Avatar
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    hey Swampy. i've been doing a little messing around with this and have made a little progress...

    i got the atrac3 codec and i had the best luck with sound forge 8. basically just edit your sound and save as wav. in the save as window, hit the custom template button and select ATRAC3 in the format box, 132kbps in the attributes box. save the file and just rename it from .wav to .at3.

    You should be able to pack it into your PBP file and hear it play. Couple things... i don't know how to make the file loop, and when the codec saves it adds some padding to the end of the file. lemme know if you have any luck with it.

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    Senior Member PSPSwampy's Avatar
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    Sweet - thanks adam12.

    I'm just about to try this out - will let you know how i get on...

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    No joy - can't get it to play at all

    Managed to convert to ATRAC3 format using bog standard "Sound Recorder" ok, but when i build it into the EBOOT.PBP it doesn't play (FYI - I loaded the WAV into soundrecorder, then goto FILE-SAVEAS and click the CHANGE button at the bottom - then change the FORMAT to ATRAC3 and the ATTRIBUTES to 132kbps STEREO then ok and ok again).

    I did notice that the SND0.AT3 that i "borrowed" from my wipeout pure save game does not allow you to play it back in sound recorder, whereas the newly create .at3 is still allowed to play back. (Thought this was interesting because the forward and reverse buttons ARE allowed, its just the playback that is disabled!)
    I can use this as my SND0.AT3 in a new EBOOT.PBP though and it works (I made up a dummy wipeout loader, but without a MS ISO loader it's just for fun! lol)

    Did you manage to get your AT3 to play on your PSP? (If so i might see if i can get sound forge 8!)

    let me know - cheers

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    yeah... i just took a beat from an mp3 file and saved it as i described above... worked fine. i also tried this with adobe audition and it didn't work - so there may be some codec compatibility issues... i know it (kinda) works in SF8.

    another way to do a quick check if it'll play is just to copy the at3 file to a game save folder - saves you the time in having to rebuild PBPs...

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    Oh yeah - doh hadn't even thought of doing that (stupid me!) - thanks.

    Looks like i'll have to see if i've got the SF8.

    P.s. I think the Looping will have been added within what ever developement util they use to write the tunes, adds a bit of extra code to the file to prompt the player to loop back to a specific timecode (might be able to find something using a hex editor on the original????? - long shot though!) - I seem to remember some old apps that you could do this in, but can't remember what they were - presumably something like cakewalk or something might allow you to do this? (just guessin though!)

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    so hold up after i changed to at3 i have to create a pbp file

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    No - you can do this instead (as per adam12's post above)

    another way to do a quick check if it'll play is just to copy the at3 file to a game save folder - saves you the time in having to rebuild PBPs...

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    More info re AT3 files in EBOOT.PBP's :

    Having done a bit of testing with SoundForge 8 and AT3 sound files i have found that there appears to be a file size limit for the EBOOT.PBP.

    Basically - i have been playing around with a track that lasts 3mins+ and found that this simply WOULD NOT play when built into an EBOOT. Having cut this down in stages i discovered that anything longer than 30secs just does not want to play.

    Investigating this further i found that using a very small eboot (PARAM.SFO + ICON0.PNG + AT3 file - ie. Info to run, icon + music) i can only get a 30sec AT3 to play, if you then add things like PIC0.PNG PIC1.PNG etc the sound refuses to play.

    Having noticed the file sizes of the EBOOT - it appears that the maximum size EBOOT that can play music appears to be approx 500KB, anything larger than this seems to prevent music playback.

    (I think that an eboot larger than this would still execute ok, but it just won't play music - but i haven't actually tested this, it's not very likely is it!)

    I'm still looking into getting the AT3 to loop - if anyone out there knows how let us know!

    I hope you find this additional info useful - if so add to my reputation thanks


    FYI using the smallest possible SFO (1kb file - just had a title) with no icons or pics - i have managed to get the total length of music upto 30.5 seconds ish (at 132kbps)

    You can get more if you lower the bitrate, but the .AT3 file must be under 500kb in size (and anything less than 132kbps sounds awful!)

    (I got over a min to work at 66kpbs but the sound it crap!)
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    Custom SNES EBOOT (loader part - ie the % entry)

    Further to my work above, I have a custom SNES Loader if anyone is interested.

    EBOOT.PBP consists of the following:
    ...PARAM.SFO - KXploit basic param with "SNES Emulator" as title
    ...ICON0.PNG - Custom ICON with pic of SNES on it (Wow!)
    ...SND0.AT3 - 30sec capture of Mario allstars intro screen music.

    Basically you do what you need to with KXpolit exploit, then replace the EBOOT.PBP in the folder with the % sign on the end with this eboot.pbp

    (this will actually load any eboot.pbp, but i'm using it to boot the "uo_Snes9x_002y12" snes emulator)

    FAO: PS3News - any chance you can enable attachments for me so i can post this up here?


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