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    I got one whats the free space on your gig stick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninkul
    woah, i really shoul've searched around more, i got my 512mb for NZ$132 (US$93).

    But yeah... i dont really have much for postage/stuff & yeah... i dont exactally have a job either ><.

    After all that psp buying.. i have an amazing $3! (US$2, im sure you wanted to know that, lol :P).

    1gb looks worth it if you're going to have a use for it, itll be good for airplane or long boring road trip/vacation car ride but yeah.. Not awful lot of use otherwise, im sure you'd be near a comp to swap movies . I know i wont need a 1gb but it would be nice, just more for convinience.

    btw... 1gb on NZ discount site is like high end of the $200's (nz$)
    I hope you have at least 1 game, it would be really sad if you weren't able to enjoy your purchase.


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