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    Homebrew Enabler RevD for PSP 2.71 released!

    From Dark_AleX:

    Revision D (DevHook version also included)

    * Fixed a bug in a patch bad done in a delay slot that caused some UMD games not to work when HEN was running (this issue was fixed in SE before)

    * Fixed a bug in the loading of big user PRX's, that affected a plain PRX of SOCOM2 UMD, and some
    homebrew PRX's.

    * Bypassed a crappy $CE protection that prevented the UMD to be mounted if the application was run from the memory stick

    * USB mass storage couldn't be loaded by homebrew in non-DevHook version because semawm.prx is sign checked. HEN now applies the algorithm to reverse the sign check, letting this and the rest of firmware modules to be loaded by a homebrew.

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    Great job DA, great work as always. Definitely appreciatted!